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Good enough to eat…?

Hello Fellow Perves,

Update July 2019.

We are now regulars at Club Sx in Blackpool.  Main link to their site is in the links tab…but they also have an events list and contact via Fabswingers:

Club Sx is listed on FabSwingers.com

On a different note…

My business interests have progressed well and the plans I have shared with some of you have progressed very well.  My business is operating well, Paula is now a working girl aswell as an active member within our business so we are very much self sufficient.  No one to answer to basically.  Well Paula has to answer to me of course!.

This site is about cuckolding, a cuckold and female domination.  To a lesser degree its about me being a Hotwife as this is the least important aspect of life to me.  There is a big difference between a Hotwife and a Cuckoldress in my view.

Since we published this site it appears cuckolding has become very popular.  Men suddenly want to be a cuckold.  With the advent of 50 Shades of Grey even more wannabees will be jumping on the band wagon for good measure.  Be sure though that my lifestyle with my slut, Paula, is for real.  I hope you enjoy my site.

I do hope you will continue to support my lifestyle and my work here.  This is a wonderful  way of life and I encourage all women to embrace this way of living.

Miss Cuckween.x.


51 Responses to Miss Cuckween

  1. cuckfan says:

    I’m so gutted that you guys have decided to let your site go.

    Ty for the fun over the years. This was by far the best cuckold site online.


    • We have not let it go huni. We have been rebuilding things and so on ahead of further updates.

      What you have to understand is that we live a real life and lifestyle and so you wont find daily updates or even weekly updates like all those money making porn sites. We are real people with real lives….work, children and yes a need to enjoy FemDom and all that it entails….including cuckolding.

      I am a selective Mistress and I will not fuck anything that moves…unless its what I want of course. At the same time I dominate Paula very regularly in ‘real life’…so if you are wanting to hear about some of those mundane day to day domination and servitude items then I will get her to provide you with some of those details. Let me know.

      In the meantime you can expect a refresh of this site in due course with some new photos….be patient!

      The only other comment I would make is that if we received more feedback and input from slaves, sluts, Mistresses, Hotwives, Bulls or just those interested in the lifestyle…then this would provide ongoing updates and responses from us. We will reply to all input if it deserves it.

      Miss Cuckween

      • cuckfan says:

        Hi Miss Cuckween

        That is absolutely brilliant news! I am sure the re-building is going great. I am sure you guys are made for each other.

        I totally understand life taking priority over this site. I was just a little sad when months went past without an update. Happy now though (-: And I can’t wait for the new photo’s. Truth is, I’m already getting hard at the thought. I hope that makes you happy (-:

        Regarding selective, so You should be Mistress. You are THE hottest Dom online! When you add the cuckolding, your mind blowing! Any sub or Guy is lucky to share anything with you.

        And I would absolutely love to hear about your daily lives. Any Domination from you Mistress will be anything but mundane! Can I make a suggestion that Paula does a weekly diary entry?

        I will definitely look to contribute more to your site Mistress, it is an absolute turn on doing so, especially when you take time to reply.

        Tell Paula I was asking for her.


        • Thank you for your contribution Craig. The thing is everyone needs to know that its all about me and I do what I want, when I want. Paula is very important to me and I love her but she is a slave, slut and whore who is ‘here’ to serve me in any way. I will let her know you were asking after her and mention the weekly update which is not a bad idea and more practical than daily updates. If you wanted to liaise with Paula in real time she is on yahoo messenger address tvslutpaula@yahoo.co.uk

  2. cuckfan says:

    There’s been no update in a while )-:

    I hope you guys are okay.

    I will be visiting Nottingham later this year, I would love to get chatting to both of you. If we hit it off, I would love to catch up.

    Hopefully hear from you both soon. Hope all’s well.

  3. stillettolover says:

    Miss Cuckween,
    Please please keep the site. It allows us worthless followers to be update on your humiliation of your pathetic slut. I am very lucky and honoured to be able to say I have met you and had your slut suck my cock as you mocked her.
    An amazing night.
    Please have paula update site with a daily blog. Day in her life with or without domination.

    Your pathetic slut Stillettolover

  4. Geofftakesit says:

    Thank you Paula for allowing me to visit this site

  5. maid4youruse says:

    Dear and Devine Mistress
    I have been in awe of you for such a long time and visit your site often, Paula is a very lucky girl for sure- I wish it was possible for me to live such a rewarding life.
    Due to my life that is not possible, but hope from time to time I can serve you in any capacity you choose and hope Mistress feels I may be worthy enough to serve you in the future.
    As Paula is very busy it would appear due to the lack of updates on the site, hopfully 1 day in a few months when I am free I may be allowed to maid your you and free Paula up for other matters you may have in hand.
    you are an inspiration mistress to many- keep up the great life .
    Sissy Maid

    • Thank you slut…maybe that’s something I can take you up on one day x

      • maid4youruse says:

        Dear Devine Mistress
        May I thank you for you reply, shall I contact Mistress nearer to the time when I am free- to see if mistress wishes to use me.
        I love this site Mistress, I have mixed feelings being in awe of such a life and knowing I can never live it, and being able to view and message you and read about your exploits. you fore sure have a very naughty and creative mind Mistress. Best wishes. Sissy slut

        • Yes, contact me but do so via this email addy:


          Tell Paula that I am interested in knowing and hearing how you may be of use to me and
          that she needs to watch her step.

          Mistress Wants.x.

          • maid4youruse says:

            Most Devine Mistress
            I did as your ordered and emailed Paula, yet I have yet to receive a reply over 3 weeks later, I wrote truthfully about my wanting to serve such a goddess and about my limitations due to my life, I gave Paula details of dates I can show/prove myself and all I needed was a chance Please miss I beg you, mistress said to contact you with details- please give my that chance. thank you for the site updates Mistress.
            t/c Maid

          • Well I asked the slut and she said she’s not seen anything from a worm like you. I suggest you resend the mail again to tvmistresspaula@yahoo.com and then come on here and let me know when it has been sent by you. I will then check with Paula. Understand?

          • maid4youruse says:

            Dear and Devine Mistress, I have just resent the email as you requested, presumed the first one may I gone into a junk folder as many none contact emails do. T/C Mistress

  6. Just send me a message from the site and I will take a look

  7. ash_cbt says:

    hmm nice, would you take more slaves

  8. stillettolover says:

    hope you have suitable punished her Mistress, she is totally usless in more ways than one

  9. stillettolover says:

    Thank for allowing me to chat with Paula again to day Mistress, looking forward to reading all about it and seeing some pictures

  10. subb_zero says:

    A new picture, thankyou Miss. This is truely a wonderful sight, I could lose my face for hours in there, for your pleasure. x

  11. Khristine says:

    I have registered Mistress and texted Paula as my instruction.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon xxx

  12. Cibarboy says:

    Hello Mistress,

    thankYou for allowing me to visit this site.
    i am here for You to use and abuse me as You deem fit. Distance-wise i’m not too far away either. i hope that joining will bring out my subserviant nature and more importantly provide You with another ‘plaything’.


  13. stillettolover says:

    Just to wish you all the best on this very special Day Mistress (26th).


  14. tcuttter says:

    I was so dissappointed you didn’t invite me for the Saurday 24th night. (See fabswing for details)
    I am so desperate to worship and hopefully please you.
    Please contact me anytime you need me anytime. Even if you just want your pussy licking for 10 minutes – I’ll gladly please.
    Please write me back.
    One day to be yours?

  15. adlerspet says:

    With deepest and utmost respect, I leave a few lines to show that I have left a response to your question about a Queens feelings on your Informed Consent Blog.
    I Humbly hope that it is of some use and thank you for attention in reading this.
    Your humble servant adlerspet.

  16. femtoyslut says:

    lovely to see this site and your lovely girls who serve you . if I can be of any service to pleasure you please let me know . femtoyslut.

  17. smoothphil_uk says:

    Very interesting site Mistress Cuckween, if I may serve you in any way you only have to ask . your humble servant Phil.

  18. jam3646 says:

    just registered and wow what a site, would love to be able to serve you mistress, im a sub guy who wears stockings and sussies and i need to be trained in the art of service

  19. hentai-sub says:

    Great to see You are back Miss Cuckween

  20. curiouslyanxious_uk says:

    Welcome back Miss Cuckween, great to have you back. Thanks for posting up the gallery;-)

  21. Slut-mike says:

    Dear Mistress,
    Your devoted cocksucking collard slave slut has just re registered as Your Slut 😛

  22. MsS says:

    Miss Cuckween,
    I’ve made it as you can see! Thanks for your help, and my apologies once again for using the slut’s site to contact you. I hope that we might speak again, but using this site of course. As I said yesterday, I love what you’re doing! Best wishes,

    Ms S XxXxXx

    • Thanks for your apology Ms S much appreciated. The slut is forbidden from speaking or liaising with any women of any kind without prior permission from myself. I am sure we will liaise again and many thanks for your support. Its nice to have a dominant woman following my work.

      Best wishes to you,

      Miss Cuckween.x.

  23. justkeith says:

    Hello there Miss Cuckween

  24. iwish2serve says:

    hello mistress,..

  25. stillettolover says:

    thak you Mistress

  26. breakme23 says:

    Good to have you back Miss

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