A Difficult Night…Sat 29th Oct 2016 fucked up mind fuck

Keep checking back to this post for time updates during this evening…

Time: 1744 – Miss and I have been working today and it will culminate in meeting with Master this evening. Master has arrived at the hotel and Miss will be joining him soon.

I have been advised that I shall play no part this evening and am unlikely to hear anything via text either. I have been told this is punishment.  When I asked Miss what the punishment was for she said “remember all those times you mocked me by telling me you could do anything as I never punished you”…….”well I am going to meet your Master and intend on having a good time…you shall play no part.”

This has had the effect. I am crestfallen, anxious and am having those cuck pangs of jealousy.  I hate it but love it.  I do however adore Miss Cuckween for being such a bitch…and find my clit stirring . I am excited. My mind is tortured in exquisite pain and pleasure.

I may not have any news until tomorrow at some stage….but I will keep you all posted….even if to report a “no news” item during this evening. Keep checking back to this post for time updates x

1856 – Master is picking Mistress up at 8pm. They are going into Manchester for the evening x

2114 – no news x

2215 – Master has texted to say all is going well. I replied that ‘good…she’s lovely isn’t she’.  No response.

2340 – having a difficult time now…the usual cuck feelings of insecurity, anxiety, nausea and wondering what the fuck is going on. I am also thinking it’s all been an amazing mind fuck and Master is at his home and Miss is just out with girls. Either way I guess it’s working lol. Lack of contact is hurting and sort of creating an anti-climax. After all real opportunities to rub ones nose in it. I guess it’s like that point in a marathon where runners hit ‘the wall’. I have hit the wall at this time. Clocks go back tonite of course. I’m in for a long nite x.

0028 – well I’ve managed to get thru the wall….that was tough…ones own mind is a terrible weapon sometimes lol. Still no news. The excitement and thrill of the past week and early evening has waned now which is a shame. My exclusion was a punishment…it worked thats for sure lol. Disappointment kicks in now which is a shame. Anyway, now the mind has relaxed its time for bed. If there is any news I will update you all tomorrow.  Sweet dreams….oh and don’t forget to put your clocks back! X

Morning update…it was all a mind fuck. My period during ‘the wall’ got me to suss out the mind fuck. It all slotted into place. Shame as I would have loved Mistress and Master to have met up and it all been for real. Disappointed really. Plus I lost out on spending a nice evening with my Mistress. Never mind….x

Until next time….if there is one…x






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I am an owned slave and live this lifestyle with my wife and Mistress - Miss Cuckween. I am devoted to her and give myself in every sense for her gain and pleasure. There is no doubt that Female Domination has enhanced an already solid relationship. The best thing I ever did was give consensual control to my wife to do as she desires.
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  1. stillettolover says:

    great update paula, hope your in chastity too??

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