Back Whoring…

Well I am delighted to advise that I will be back whoring again next week. An old client of mine called me and I am very much looking forward to be a dirty slag again. My true place I believe…working in the most disgraceful manner for my Mistress. The lovely thing is that after servicing my client Miss and I go away that afternoon for a long weekend…so what a fitting start to the weekend.

I have some nice new going out clothes too…so I think that after next Thursday I will plan to go out in public to suit….rather than wait to be told to. I am hoping by assuming the female attitude and position that it will please Mistress x…sissy slave whore…don’t really deserve to wear men’s clothing x.

i will defo have some pics of my whoring work….hopefully a face full of ┬áspunk x

About Paula

I am an owned slave and live this lifestyle with my wife and Mistress - Miss Cuckween. I am devoted to her and give myself in every sense for her gain and pleasure. There is no doubt that Female Domination has enhanced an already solid relationship. The best thing I ever did was give consensual control to my wife to do as she desires.
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