Fab Cunt Licking

Well…Miss has joined a site and is advertising for cunt lickers.  I wonder how this will work out but shes keen on having some fun!  Over 300 responses and shes not been on the site for more than a couple of days…

About Paula

I am an owned slave and live this lifestyle with my wife and Mistress - Miss Cuckween. I am devoted to her and give myself in every sense for her gain and pleasure. There is no doubt that Female Domination has enhanced an already solid relationship. The best thing I ever did was give consensual control to my wife to do as she desires.
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3 Responses to Fab Cunt Licking

  1. bungle78 says:

    What is Mistress profile name. I’ve been looking for it but can’t seem to find the add

  2. cuckfan says:

    Please re-locate to Glasgow (-:

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