Well I am delighted to advise that I am meeting a man on Tuesday lunchtime. Paula gets her long awaited outing with a nice guy who is looking for a tv girlfriend. Let’s see where this takes us. Mistress has plenty of cunt lickers keen to look after her too. An exciting time…x


Well we met at a pub local to me. Met in car park and he decided he was interested. We went in and we had a good chat and a coffee. I have to say I felt fucking brilliant and looked good. Sat rubbing his cock under the table thru his jeans. As the lunchtime trade picked up there were a number of people milling around taking seats. They did not bat an eyelid which was a terrific feeling!  Just to let you see what I was wearing that day…..


So out to my car….sat kissing and I got his cock out wanking him and talking dirty. Soon enough he wanted my mouth around his cock. He told me I was a foul mouthed dirty slut to which I replied….’you can talk’ lol! Seriously though I wound him up and wanked him as I talked dirty to tease and wind him up.  He asked me if I go hornier on poppers. Clearly I do very much go for it after poppers. He asked me if I had any…so I went into my handbag and pulled out my favourite…Amsterdam Special. I took in several deep sniffs and within seconds I was sucking on his cock.

I as I came up to talk filth and wank him he announced very quickly that he was going to cum.  I got right back to his cock and sucked and slurped in the best way I know. Before he knew it…he was cumming in my mouth. Like a good slut I swallowed the lot and licked the remains off his end.


He was a rather happy chappy and was hungry to see me again…and I shall not be disappointing him. I’m thinking I may take on a few boyfriends who Miss has intimated may be her new cunt lickers too…

Watch this space!

About Paula

I am an owned slave and live this lifestyle with my wife and Mistress - Miss Cuckween. I am devoted to her and give myself in every sense for her gain and pleasure. There is no doubt that Female Domination has enhanced an already solid relationship. The best thing I ever did was give consensual control to my wife to do as she desires.
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  1. cuckfan says:

    Hi Paula

    Has Mistress received any messages that She has responded to yet?

    It would be great to see the messages that tweak Her interest (-:


  2. I would be honoured to meet and please the Mistress wants and help in the cuckold ingredients of Paula

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