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Well its been a while and lots has happened over the past year or so.  Relationship split, reaffirming my relationship, rekindling my desire for Female Domination, successful business, lots of male attention and four new men in my life.  I guess that’s a good summary of what has happened since I have last been regularly posting.  Or since Paula posted too.  Its been eventful that’s for sure but I so have the taste for being a complete bitch.  Whilst its always been part of me, I dunno, something has clicked and its a far more natural part of who and what I am.  Paula is a complete cunt, a dogsbody, slave, slut and whore.  Oh and yes, a cuckold.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than returning after a night with a swollen, wet pussy full of spunk.  You should see Paula though.  Greedy, excited and nearly cumming without even touching herself.  That’s a turn on in itself for me, let alone the amazing sex I am enjoying.

So to summarise the men I have fucked so far this year:

May – Scott – old school friend – chances are he will be an annual fuck as he lives overseas

July – Matt – met on a swingers site

September – Steve – an old family friend of Paulas – fucking hilarious!!!  He will be ongoing as I see fit…especially on a night out.  Paula knows but Steve does not know Paula knows.

Latest one is also an old friend of mine from years ago, also named Matt.  I saw him on another swingers site and recognised him.  He enjoys kink and FemDom and also ‘gets’ the Cuck lifestyle.  I feel sure he will be a good one moving forward.

Additionally, Paula has a boyfriend!  Nigel who is a good loyal slut and they enjoy nights out and of course mutual cock sucking for good measure!  No wonder I need proper men in my life!

Its all good and positive and no doubt I will update you all on the more nitty gritty details over the coming days/weeks.  Or should I say that I will get Paula to.  I feel sure she will better describe matters from a cuckold perspective!

Bye for now…

Miss Cuckween.x.

About Miss Cuckween

Mistress, Cuckoldress and Hotiwfe to Paula. Lifestyle Mistress for over 14 years and lives FemDom for real within the constraints of real life and those not aware of my lifestyle. The main issue that Paula and all others need to understand is that this is all about me and what I want. A selfish bitch...yes, thats me...!!!
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