Please Cuck Me..!

I think that another scene setting bit of information of my ‘new order’ is how I have observed Paula and in doing so…manipulated her.

I have always been of the opinion that if I cucked Paula I would always include her and have her present.  Involve her as I saw fit.  I’ve changed that ‘tack’ completely and the four men I have fucked this year have all been out of Paulas watchful eye.  Oh of course she knew about them all and I will always get a great deal of pleasure from rubbing her nose in it…literally!!! 🙂  but she has not been present.

Likewise, Paula has always said to me…as long as I am included Mistress.

I guess I have matured in my outlook that I can literally do anything and stick the boot in on Paula and she will take it.  After the journey we have had (over these past three years particularly) I know that Paula and I will never be apart again.  We both also know that and she will take what medicine shes given…no matter how tasteless.

She accepts that too.  During conversations we have had it is apparent that there are likely to be many situations were I can cuck and fuck and Paula is physically unable to attend due to geography and so on….just simple practicalities.  I said to her…

Well slut if I get a chance to cuck you with you not in attendance…what would you have me do?  If you like I can stop my intention to cuck you and just leave it to occasions when we can arrange joint meetings with you present.  I can in fact stop cucking you altogether.’  So, her response….

‘Miss, would I rather you not cuck me….or cuck me with me not there?  Well clearly I will always wish to attend and watch you enjoy other cocks….but if it meant you fucking without me there or not have you cuck me at all…….then I would always wish you to cuck and fuck with me not around.  In fact I beg you to cuckold me…no matter what Miss’

So, I have worked it to this point.  I have manipulated this to my advantage whether Paula realises that or not.  I am more adventurous, promiscuous and in need of cock.  I enjoy it more now than I have and know what I want and how to get it.  Paula wants a Mistress, Cuckoldress and Hotwife.  I am giving that to her….so she is happy.  Yes, she is challenged and yes I see her pain, concern, anxiety, jealousy and even distress….but I also see the desire, lust, passion, pure need to be humiliated and degraded……and…..of course I see her pathetic cock straining in appreciation of my work.

‘I want you to be a complete slut Mistress’ said Paula….’I beg you Miss to be a dirty, hard faced bitch and treat me like shit’ she goes on to say.  Many times I have heard this from Paula but never with such want, conviction and utter need.

I am and do intend on giving my dear sissy husband what she wants…and then some.

As I have always said…’be careful for what you wish for!!!’

Beg away Paula…and to all you wannbee cucks out there.  I really do think that Paula is a shining example of how a sissy slut can be manipulated and used.

About Miss Cuckween

Mistress, Cuckoldress and Hotiwfe to Paula. Lifestyle Mistress for over 14 years and lives FemDom for real within the constraints of real life and those not aware of my lifestyle. The main issue that Paula and all others need to understand is that this is all about me and what I want. A selfish bitch...yes, thats me...!!!
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