Red Herring – Wed 10th Oct

Mistress wanted me to meet my boyfriend last Wed 10th October and stipulated I meet him at the Red Herring pub.  I got dressed and Nigel picked me up on a street corner…(makes me feel like a prostitute which I love).  We headed off and got settled.  Lots of chat…gin and tonics for good measure and had a good catchup.  Within 15 minutes of arriving who should walk in….Mistress and her new boyfriend – Matt.  So approx. 1030 Nigel and I took off to a local private parking area and I sucked him off….and he deposited his load all over my nice black top.  He will of course be buying me another top!

In the meantime, Mistress told Matt who I was and he had a good look over at me.  What was nice is that he said to Mistress that he (after several looks) was not quite sure if I was a tv/cd or a woman….so clearly my hard work pays off.  Clearly I am no woman…but if folks have to take several looks and still think ‘is it or isn’t it’….then that’s good enough for me!

Mistress and Matt left the pub about 11pm and they went back to his place.  at 0135 I received a text with the following pic…

Matt licks Mistress

Miss came back home at 3am…well and truly fucked.  She came in with a stinking attitude…first class bitch rubbing my nose in the fact she had been having great sex for several hours.  Miss likes to bareback so I had the pleasure of a creampie from her well fucked cunt.  I so love the smell of sex on her cunt when she presents her open legs to me.

I am such a lucky cunt slave to be able to worship Mistresses well fucked pussy.







About Paula

I am an owned slave and live this lifestyle with my wife and Mistress - Miss Cuckween. I am devoted to her and give myself in every sense for her gain and pleasure. There is no doubt that Female Domination has enhanced an already solid relationship. The best thing I ever did was give consensual control to my wife to do as she desires.
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