Pathetic Wanker – 14th Jan 2013

Well I gave Paula a special treat this week. I gave her 2 minutes to fuck me and to spill her filth into my amazing pussy. I lay there and had a nice cigarette giving he prompts every 20 seconds which I am sure put her off. Coupled with the fact Paula is a very good and considerate lover she would struggle with a 2 minute fuck…!

As you can imagine the 2 mins soon past. I pushed her off and told her to get into the corner and wank the pathetic cock off into her dog bowl. I made sure I was being extremely provocative, sexy and talking dirty to the slut (rather than deliberately aloof during our fucking…!!! Lol!)

Before long she was splashing her filth into the dog bowl…and there was plenty after 3 weeks of not cumming…! I said ‘go and get rid of it slut…you dirty bitch’….she went to leave the room to the bathroom. I then said…’oh not Paula, not so easy.’ and then made her drink and then lick her filth up. What a pathetic wanker and can’t even satisfy me when I need a good fuck.

Shes good at cleaning up spunk though. Clearly a special skill for a cuckold don’t you think?

Mistress x.

About Miss Cuckween

Mistress, Cuckoldress and Hotiwfe to Paula. Lifestyle Mistress for over 8 years and lives FemDom for real within the constraints of real life and those not aware of my lifestyle. The main issue that Paula and all others need to understand is that this is all about me and what I want. A selfish bitch...yes, thats me...!!!
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10 Responses to Pathetic Wanker – 14th Jan 2013

  1. gwalton says:

    I am all too familiar with the frustration and eagerness to please that comes from extended chastity. It is quite an effective method of control and I am helpless to resist against it. Paula will probably be much more enthusiastic about keeping her diary up to date if you continue to deny her permission to release.

  2. gwalton says:

    It has been over two weeks since Paula wanked in the corner. Has she been allowed to wank again since?

    • No…absolutely not!!! I am seeing the change in her as frustration grows and eagerness to please and so on. I find it fascinating to see you men crawl on the basis of ‘needing’ release…begging for it only for the word ‘no’ to bring a crestfallen look to the face. I just love it.

  3. Beatbot says:

    Mistress, this has made great reading and look forward to more.
    What a filthy slut you own! Keep up the good works . x

  4. gwalton says:

    I agree that cleaning up spunk is an appropriate skill for a cuckold like Paula. Since she is incapable of pleasing you like a real man she should also work on being a better ashtray for you.

    • An ashtray is a daily task for her huni but as with everything she does it needs more work, better skills and all round improvement is needed. A report generally of ‘must do better’ is very much a statement I use with her.

  5. subb_zero says:


    This is fantastic, as a smoking fetish lover would love to suggest Paula being used as your ashtray x

  6. stillettolover says:

    Thank you for sharing paula’s humiliation with your followers Mistress

  7. stillettolover says:

    I almost feel sorry for the pathetic dirty bitch. Must of so amused you and be so humiliating her knowing you got more pleasure from smoking than from her so called cock sliding into that wonderfull hot wet smooth pussy you have.

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