Cucking Tonight

Well, Fri 7th October…I’m at a local hotel tonight with one of my slaves and lovers.  Paula is going to coming along all dressed in her nice girly going out gear…first time in public and I can see the fear in her eyes.  Pity she did not work hard enough in finding a boyfriend to accompany her…so she will be playing gooseberry to my slave and I.  I may just leave her in the bar.  You never know she may ‘pull’ or maybe just sit there dying of embarrasment…people not quite knowing…’is that a guy?’ 

Its the little things don’t you think?…the fact that Paula will need to use the ladies. 

Either way I’m going to have some fun tonight and enjoy myself….and Paula is not only going to have to cope with the uncomforatable public scrutiny but also cope with knowing I am getting serviced by my lover.  I wonder if I could even attract someone else to join me from the bar.

The fun has very much begun…!

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3 Responses to Cucking Tonight

  1. mikechester says:

    O Mistress it was such an honour to serve You and so enjoyable to share in the awkwardness and humiliation of Miss Paula.

    When you officially collard me and accepted me into Your stable You made me the happiest slut ever.

    It is such a privilege to be owned by such a truly wonderful Superior Lady and I am indeed a very very lucky slut

    Your Devoted Collard slut mike xxx

  2. Chris says:

    I think this Mistress knows what she wants and how to get it and who can blame her,for she has to make the most of what she has,which is Beautiful stunning looks,personality and inteligence and of course a loving cuck TV husband to boot,what more can a girl want?

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