Reporting Back – 7th Oct

My evening was a great success. 

This was Paulas first public venture out as a cross dressing/tv slut.  We left home at approx 7pm and ventured to a local hotel in the Bolton area.  My slave and lover, Mike, had booked a room for the night and was waiting in the bar for me.  We arrived and Paula was in a flap although I could tell she was enjoying being the slut that she always wanted to be.  I think I am very kind and considerate to allow her to dress and to show her pathetic cross dressing self in public.  This is how she looked…

Paula public outing on 7th October 2011

We walked into the hotel and onwards into the bar.  Paula did well in her heals.  Wearing grey sweater dress, black trousers underneath the dress, slutty blonde/back bobbed wig, plenty of makeup (tatefully applied) and lovely grey high healed shoes approx 4.5 inches.  She had stockings and suspenders under her trousers for later..!

Mike greeted us and had a large glass of red wine ready for me and a G & T for the slut.  We chatted, ate and had a few more drinks.  Bar/hotel staff came and went with our orders and Paula shuffled uneasily in her seat trying not to speak with her rather unfeminine voice.  Silly slut…! I found it all very amusing although Paula did do very well.  The hotel was generally quiet for a Friday but nontheless there were families and folks around along with a presentation evening for what I think was a end of season cricket team…so lots of men appearing in the bar…!  Paula was getting stressed especially when I said that she should go to the bar to order some drinks.  Oh….the panic on her face….she went very, very quiet.  I said ‘Something wrong slut…’ and she replied ‘No Mistress…’  but clearly she was totally stressed out.  Hiliarious…!

We did eventually get to the room and Paula strutted across the bar to the stairs….head down…clearly uncomfortable….brilliant…!  I loved it.

In the room Mike was ordered to take off his clothes.  Paula took off her trousers to expose her suspenders under her short dress…slut…!

I ordered the pair of them to sniff poppers and worship my feet.  I told Mike to work up my right leg and told Paula to stay at my foot.  I told her she was making a mess of my skin with her lipstick and to lick it off.  She was getting anxious as Mike was now very near my pussy.  I told Mike to sniff and enjoy the aroma of my sex.  Paula was looking up rather distressed.  Shame..!  I was getting very wet and aroused.  I asked Paula if my foot now clean of lipstick.  ‘Yes Miss’ Paula said.  I replied that it was clearly not clean and to carry on.

I next instructed Mike to enjoy my pussy and to do a good job. I then kicked Paula away and told her to sit in the corner and watch and film.  I do so love to re-live the moments with my lovers and it adds to Paulas pleasure or should I say humiliation…!!! 

Mike worshiping 7th October 2011

Mike Worshiping 7th October 2011

Mike was extremely good at his craft and I enjoyed calling out his name in many pleasured moans whilst looking bitchily at the slut in the corner….oh my poor husband….pathetic…!

Men are so pathetic…we enjoyed the poppers several times over and Mike was very hungry for me…bringing me to a wonderful orgasm.  The pain in Paulas eyes was evident but clearly she enjoyed her humiliation and being lucky enough to witness my pleasure.  I could quite easily have left her in the bar or ordered her to the car to wait.

I decided to draw the evening to a close…with the promise for Mike of more.  He was a kind, considerate and devoted slave.  After months of correspondence and phone calls he is clearly a good slave.  I decided to invite Mike into my stable and offered him a collar of ownership.  He is now officially one of my slaves…I am thinking of giving him a higher status that Paula….now that would be a rather nasty thing to do to my hubby whore don’t you think…!  What do you think I should do…..please do tell me….

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10 Responses to Reporting Back – 7th Oct

  1. mikechester says:

    The key factor in all of this as my Lady Mistress Sarah has quite rightly pointed out, is that we are actually all real people doing what comes natural to us.

    I understand where you are coming from subguy2009, but let me assure you I know my compliant status to my Lady and absolutely nothing on this earth could change that – I will always be a slave to Mistress eagerly waiting to please Her every desire, Her every command, Her every whim ………….it matters not if She places me above Miss Paula for I could never ever consider myself remotely anywhere near to being equal to my Mistress who is and will always be my Superior in in every way.

    I have to say although I am a compliant submissive I do not submit to just anyone and certainly not to other men, that does not mean if it pleases my Lady to see suck cock then to please Her (not me) I will do it without hesitation (haven’t I Miss Paula :).

    It is this reality that makes all the difference, Mistress is a very clever Lady and She chooses those who will serve Her very very selectively, knowing that they (slaves) are there to gain their pleasure by making sure they please HER HER HER and just in case it is not clear ……….”HER”

    I am under no illusion whatsoever to approach my Mistress with a list of things that I would like done to me (topping from the bottom) – the pure unadulterated pleasure I derive is that of serving and pleasing a truly wonderful Superior Lady who is a real lifestyle Dominant Mistress that my Mistress is.

    I have not just had a blinding flash of light directing me to serve in such a manner, this is something which is within me and Yes Yes Yes!!!!! I really do know how fortunate I am to be accepted and owned as one of my Lady’s slaves and I vow to serve Her unconditionally in my mind, body and soul.

    So it naturally follows that if it pleases my Lady to favour any of Her slaves to be over Miss Paula compounding Her slut hubby’s humiliation then that would certainly add to my pleasure because I love and adore the way Mistress can be such a wonderfully cruel Bitch for which all of us who are allowed in Her presence are truly Blessed.

    My Lady knows my profile motto dedicated in Her honour:

    i ask not what You can do for me but what can i do to please and amuse You my Lady

    Miss Sarah’s devoted Collard slut mike (and a very Lucky one at that)

  2. subguy2009 says:

    Dear Mistress Wants

    I don’t think i have had the pleasure or the joy ever reading such an erotic and sexually charged situation…. yes i have read some amazing erotic stories, but they have been just that stories.
    This actually occurred and what makes it even more charged is it occurred less than 10 miles away – amazing.
    Mike and Paula are extremely looking individuals,,, not only are they lucky to be involved they are blessed to have a Mistress such as Yourself, the manner in which you controlled the situation and knew exactly how to control it, Mistress you seem to posses amazing balance of the situation – knowing what to do and when to execute it… pushing Paula away at the last moment, amazing!!!
    I have not even touched on the events, don’t get me started it has everything, eroticism, humiliation, get mike and Paula under the influence with the poppers and then getting Paula to record it, my mind cannot even cope with what you did to Paula when you watched it back together.
    In terms of mikes position, it is always great to see a sub pleasing his Mistress and bringing her joy and being potentially rewarded for his efforts, however i just hope this increase of status doesn’t effect his serving of You Mistress because it would be such a shame for anyone to lose what has been created.
    my way of looking at it may be they could remain equal because they take different roles i.e. Paula is a TV sub and mike a slave / sub so they are different and that difference can allow them to be equal, the reason for this view is because as a sub myself i have no desire to become a master so perhaps that view influences my beliefs
    Mistress Wants this feedback and participation has been posted following our interaction earlier today, i would like to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to thank you

    • Thank you for your insight slut. I guess the real difference in amongst all of this is that this is for real. The people are real and the situations are real. Real people, real life, real Blog.

      As for your comment about equality. I bet you would love to be the favoured and superior male in the room over my husband? If not why not? If it were a ‘fight’ for my favour and you needed to order Paula or put her in her place to have me…would you? I sense you would…as to have the favour of your Mistress is all important to a slave/sub of any kind. In reverse…as far as Paula is concerned how would she feel to be so far down the pecking order if I gave such priviledge to all of my followers. In turn and most importantly…how important do you think it would be to me as the superior and Mistress to you all? After all…this is all about me. Make sense slut?

  3. subbbi says:

    It is a shame that Paula didn’t manage to find a date for the evening.

    I adored the description of having your two subs/slaves worshiping your feet. Made me very envious of them.

    subbbi from IC


    • So you should be. As for Paula. She will find a date in time and she will be made to feel the full force of my power over her. I wish to engage with fans on here and make Paulas life into one of public humiliation. Think you can contribute?

  4. Curious says:

    It sounds like a very exciting and intense experience, particularly for your whore. It’s one thing watching your Mistress fuck a bull or a hot guy, but a sub. Paula must have felt very humiliated.

    Regarding giving Mike a higher status. The way I see it, you’ve done that already, Paula has clearly seen she’s at the bottom of the pile.

    I’d love to hear how you feel about the whole experience now a few days have elapsed.

    • I’d like to thank you for subscribing and taking time to write. I agree with your point about Paula seeing herself as bottom of the pile. The point is I have more of a thrill in making a defined point in making Mike her Master. In doing so it is likely to cause pain in some manner. Feeling that ‘one’ is bottom of the pile and then actually having it formally noted in ‘title’ and in turn behaviour is something that I do feel (and find) very appealing. After all, this is all about me and my pleasure and amusement. In terms of the overall experience…this is not the first time I have cucked but it was more pleasurable for me as Mike is a submissive slave and not some buck/bull thats wants a fuck…this means more to Mike than that. In turn that is important to me. This is why I have decided to own Mike and offer a collar. Whether he gets ‘Master’ status..well that depends on how things go from now. Getting Master status does not make Mike equal to me (if it happens)…

      • Curious says:

        Thanks for taking the time to respond. I 100% understand what you are saying about formalising Mike’s status. In my mind it takes what could have been a temporary or one off power exchange on the 7th and make it permanent; at least until you decide otherwise, motivating Mike and increasing Paula’s humiliation.

        This is going to be really exciting for all three of you, and most importantly you are making sure your pleasures and amusements are right at the heart of it.

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