Tasty Gravy – Wed 23rd Nov

What a lovely meal on Wed evening.  Mistress sat across from me with a smirk on her face and said to me….’enjoying that?’  I was of course enjoying my meal and I did suspect at that point Mistress had added some special ingredient.

It was when Mistress insisted I have some more gravy that I understood…’be sure to take some from the jug in the microwave’ she said as clearly the jug on the ‘side’ was for herself and the children which was normal gravy so to speak.

I sniffed the jug from the microwave and then I knew.  Lovely piss was made to mix the gravy.  The flavour was really lovely if I am honest and I poured another good portion on my meal.  I have to say that I have to be the luckiest slave in the world to be dominated in every day life in a manner that it is part of our lives.  I have to pinch myself as to how lucky I am.  I do hope to have lots more gravy and special ingredients to many of my meals.

Thank you Mistress.x.


6 Responses to Tasty Gravy – Wed 23rd Nov

  1. Beatbot says:

    You are one lucky slut having gravy made for you out of Mistresses piss.
    Just a shame there was not a nice turd on your plate for you to pour the gravy over.
    Sorry am I putting ideas in your Mistresses head!
    Enjoy x

  2. mikechester says:

    A perfect topping for a perfect meal 🙂

  3. wotsit1965 says:

    you lucky lucky slut, to have your meal made with your Mistresses urine, im so jealous, i would have drank it from your mouth Paula, love it xxx

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