This Week – 16th Dec 2012

This week has been strange.  I find Mistress in a rather pissed off mood as her plans have not gone according to plan.  Miss met Mike on Monday at her usual meeting place.  I believe they chatted and schemed their plans for tonight (Fri 16th Dec) but I feel sure Mistress won’t have made Mike too comfortable.  He was rewarded with being allowed to fondle her leg and right up to her lovely pussy.  I think both Mike and Mistress were disappointed that Miss was wearing her tights but also that they could not move somewhere private for more ‘involved’ fun.  Needless to say pangs of jealousy and humiliation ran through me…but also the feeling of satisfaction and ‘belonging’ as my dear Mistress pleases herself and is happy.

Thursday and her visit to the garage only to find her previous boyfriend (not seen for a good long while) was not on duty…so her plans messed up.  Mistress was planning to seduce him and line him up for more cuckolding.  She was ‘off’ with me all night…like it was my fault….but then I guess it was…because it just was…because she felt like it was my fault.  I ran Mistresses bath and so on. Miss called me into the bathroom as she got out.  I went to empty the water and tidy up.  Mistress said ‘no’…..’get in’ to which I complied. ‘Lie down’ she said and then proceeded to lower her wonderful bottom over the edge of the bath.  I knew what this meant.  I was lucky to see and watch her amazing arse there above my face…her beautiful anus stretching and glistening as she pushed out my treat.  I was gifted with her shit.  After an initial peice Mistress found her legs getting sore on the edge of the bath and reverted to the toilet.  She then said that if I wanted I could have more…but said…’you know were it get it slut’.  Being the greedy slut I am I scooped it out of the toilet and proceeded to have a lovely shit bath….no really it was not shit…it was good…!!!  Sorry…my bit of fun there…!  To think that several years ago I would not be able to cope… I have been trained to such high standards by Miss Cuckween…my amazing wife.

Now…Friday is upon us.  Its Mistresses night with Mike…me in tow.  Miss told me I was to dress fully and go out fully female but has since told me that this may not be possible due to a family member being in and around the house around departure time.  I am not sure if I am relieved or disappointed to be honest.  No doubt Miss or I will update you on things over the weekend/next week on this.  Again, I can see Mistress is pissed off.  I think all her plans this week have been dashed to some extent.  I need to try and make up for this by pleasing her some more.  I will ensure plenty of housework is completed over the weekend.

As for tomorrow…Miss is out with Vicky her friend.  I will be taxi each way and no doubt I will be tormented all evening/night.  Don’t forget Mistress has instructed me to keep my Yahoo Messenger on all night for me to update you all…or for those that can join in to hear ongoing updates during the evening.  Again I find this rather humiliating…its hard for a cuck being alone when his wonderful Mistress is out ‘playing’ let alone having to produce a running commentary or to be tormented further by other gloating subs/slaves or indeed the odd Dom/Domme amongst you all.

Just to remind you…my yahoo is so maybe I will chat to some of you tomorrow evening.

Update you all soon…wish me luck…!



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  1. mikechester says:

    Keep up the good work Paula you pathic pussy whipped cock sucking slut ………….it was so wonderful the way Mistress used my cock and had me lick Her beautiful pussy right in front of you LoL

    Miss Sarah your Wife’s devoted Collard slut slave mike 🙂

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