Tue 3rd Jan – Reflecting & at the Supermarket

Happy New Year my fellow subs, slaves or interested Dommes, Doms or any good people who are interested in my Mistresses Blog.

I have typed up Mistresses latest short entry for today.  Miss tends to dictate her words or write them and get me to do her legwork for her.  I thought I would make an entry whilst here.

This time of year is a great time to reflect.  I read and see many messages from Miss Cuckweens followers…or those extremely keen to serve her.  This arouses many feelings within me…humiliation, jealousy, inadequacy…in amongst other things.  Ultimately though, I have feelings of pride that I am Miss Cuckweens hubby whore and that my Miss is so keenly sought after.  Miss is quick to remind me that I am extremely lucky….a lucky cucky…!  I am in awe of this woman and there is no level I would not rise to…nor stoop to in order to please her…to gain her favour.  To serve is a complete honour and I would like to take this open opportunity to express my devotion to my Mistress and wife to all that honour her by writing to her and reading/contributing to her Blog.  Whilst in amongst all the real life perve and kink (and in some peoples thoughts/minds…they may incorrectly think this is all ‘fantasy’) its always easy to forget that the basis for our relationship is love…and I love my Mistress dearly.

Day to day life is good….whilst pics on this Blog depict multi slave sessions, humiliation through spunk on my face and so on…we live in the real world too.  Shopping, ironing, washing, cooking and so on are all aspects of life that allow me to serve.

At the supermarket recently Miss and I were at the checkout.  A busy Christmas shopping day and we had a ‘big shop’ ourselves. 

We received the usual ‘ask’ from a checkout girl that was training.  So there was a young girl (about 20) and an older lady in her forties….to which we were asked ‘do you need any help with packing’.  Mistress responded quite bluntly….’no thanks…he does that’.  Miss proceeded to chat away to the ladies as I franticly tried to keep up with packing the shopping (opening those bloody stupid pastic bags….aaaaahh) and putting them in the trolley as item after item was thrown in my direction….not the girls fault just a never ending ‘chain’ of goods coming my way…!

I am always careful not to put heavy things on top of crisps and biscuits etc…so I asked Miss if she could move a bag for me so as not to do this.  Miss said very abrasively  and rather loudly…’PLEASE!’.  The two girls just looked at me as I went crimson with shame….fuck I felt small….I glanced to see who else heard/saw…and there were many (in my mind anyway).  I have to also tell you….my cock twitched into life. 

Miss went on to say…’I don’t know…manners…hes worse than the kids…!’  I know one of the checkout people said something but I was too embarrassed and thrilled to notice.  It was something like ‘oh you do have to keep them in check’ or something like that.  Somthing to make light or it and to spare my blushes….which did not work.  Miss just smirked at me in a rather evil manner. 

The thing is I am very very manners focused so a moments ‘slip’ in my panic to get the packing done was picked up by Mistress immediately.  This is all part of my training and I know Miss is right.  I was wrong and it will not happen again in a hurry.

I could see the eyes of the checkout girls on me…particularly the one not operating the till.  God it was humiliating as I was trying to open another fucking bag…!  I actually think she felt sorry for me as Mistress continued to chat away to them whilst ignoring me.

The next thing the total cost of the shop was announced by the cashier.  I continned to pack the last bits when Mistress asked me for my wallet.  So…I had to make a point of stopping the packing and getting out my wallet….to which she took it off me (deliberately without manners..!) took out my debit card and paid…continually enjoying a laugh with the cashiers.  I think my ears were still burning as she put the card back into my wallet and then placed my wallet in her handbag.

Whichever way I look at it my humiliation was complete.  I hated it and loved it…my cock certainly told me that.  Above all I loved my Mistress for treating me like I need to be treated.  Mistress said to me as we walked away ‘enjoy that slut?’ to which I replied ‘yes thank you Miss.’  Mistress just retorted…’you are a lucky slut Paula.’ as she grabbed my hand and walked out of the supermarket.

I guess I wanted to share this with you as all slaves need to understand that its not all about what you do or what happens in a bedroom.  Servitude is centred around your Mistress whenever and wherever she decides that is implemented….but you must remember in your own mind…you are never ‘off duty’ when it comes to serving your Mistress.

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  1. It is fun to take these cucks and slaves into a lingerie store, and whenever one of the clerks (always female) asks, “Can I help you?” The slave gets down on his knees and kisses the top of your foot or shoe. Then the first time it happens, the clerk will give a puzzled look, and you can say, “Oh, he is my slave, and we are playing a little game whilst shopping…whenever anyone says the word “help” he must get on his needs to demonstrate my superiority over him!”

    You will be amazed how the clerk’s face will light up with a smile, and she will start using the word “help” a lot more in the conversation! “Oh, okay Ma’am, well I am happy to help you, and my name is Emma, and please let me know if you need any help.”

    More importantly, the slave will be utterly and totally humiliated by all of this. He will be red with embarrassment and his pathetic dick will be dripping with arousal! Hopefully he has not had release in quite some time, and his Blue Balls will move further into a state of agony!

  2. mikechester says:

    Of course Paula without question you are a lucky cuckold you pathetic cock sucking pussy whipped excuse for a man…………

    The fact you have no choice in the matter makes one say is it any wonder your lovely Wife has to seek out some proper cock to satisfy Her LoL

    I have sent our Lady some dates so I am eagerly awaiting a summons to lick Her beautiful pussy once more and to feel Her warmth as She rides my cock again and again and again

    Miss Sarah your “Wife’s” devoted collard slut slave mike 🙂

  3. stuart says:

    awesome post, awesome woman & awesome life. as a sub male myself, i am of course jealous of your position in life, you certainly are a ‘lucky cucky’ lol
    i am a true believer in Female Superiority and your Mistress totally encompasses this lifestyle which is wonderful to see. fingers crossed that your amazing Mistress wants to increase her stable of willing slaves……… my application would be in straight away lol
    anyway keep up the good work ;0)

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