Personal Items for Sale

Due to a number of requests over the past couple of months I have decided to sell items or things that slaves have been asking me for. 

I have listed a few things here but just ask if you want anything in particular.

Miss Cuckweens worn knickers…with verification photo.

Miss Cuckweens piss soaked and dried knickers…with suitable verification.

Photos and photo sets – various available for sale.  Ask for anything in particular and I will try to provide.  Please note:  No face shots.

Bottles of Miss Cuckweens piss…with authentication photo.

Cigarette ends – smoked by Miss Cuckween herself.  Several butts/filters with lipstick on filter.  Authentication photo provided…not full face.

As I have highlighted…I am happy to provide anything within reason that you request. 

Cost is reasonable plus the post and package charges.

To make an enquiry you may list your request here…provide contact e-mail please…or contact my slut husband at:

Pervy regards,

Miss Cuckween.x.

17 Responses to Personal Items for Sale

  1. adrian says:

    Mistress Cuckween,

    I’m new here. So I going to be a clumsy sissyslut. I hope I can live up to any expectations you might of me. My wife calls me a pathetic cucksucker. May I ask you what you’d call me?

  2. alokroy says:

    Respected Mistress,
    I am a male slave located in India and i want to buy “Bottles of Miss Cuckweens piss…with authentication photo.” as described in her blog. Please let me know the pricing and the mode of payment at

    On my knees,
    Alok Roy

  3. shavenballs says:

    Miss Cuckween,

    Given that summer is around the corner has you considered arranging a picnic with Paula and may be a few subs down the park? They could drink your lovely nectar and eat your special chocolate sarnies . Paula would have off course the very enviable job of preparing such a lovely picnic. Maybe you would allow some subs to contribute homemade mayo for a special treat on Paula’s sarnies.. haha

  4. RichT says:

    Dear Miss Cuckween
    WOW. I received your lovely gifts this mourning. I feel truly honored, a worthless pathetic shit like me, to have received such lovely gifts from you . The Chocolate Ambrosia Poop was heavenly (and I was even honored by some whole pieces of food in it) and your Champagne Golden Nectar Ambrosia was the perfect sacrament to wash it all down with. The feast I had with your lovely home made chocolate was undescribable and haven’t had an orgasm like it and I can still smell it whilst writing this, sheer heaven. I feel truly honored and grateful that you have seen fit to allow me the privilege of eating your lovely chocolate/poop and champagne/pee. I can’t wait to savour the rest of your heavenly offerings and experiment with its uses. THANK YOU

    Your Pathetic Toilet Slave

  5. ashtrayslave says:

    Would love some of your lipstick stained
    cigarette butts misscuckween. X

  6. Loppy says:

    Miss Cuckween

    Would it be possible to purchase Your fag butts?

    Loppy x

  7. pisspot says:

    Miss Cuckween
    Thank you so much my gift has arrived I can`t tell you how excited I am. I`m going to have a little sip while I`m writing this I`m keeping it in my mouth its wonderful to think that came from you Mistress. I really am your urinal its an honour to have a mouthful of your piss.
    Your pathetic slut pisspot
    The pictures of you are lovely just wish it was me there instead of the bottle

    • Well you are most welcome pisspot. Enjoy. You must update everyone on how you used my special gift. Please feel free to add a ‘dash’ to every cup of tea or coffee and any meal you enjoy. Bread and piss would be a lovely meal for you.

      Let me know when you wish to re-stock for you really are…my little urinal..!

  8. pisspot says:

    Miss Cuckween i`m so looking forward to my first bottle of Your perfect piss.I`ll drink it slowly and savour every last drop.

    Your devoted wimp pisspot

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