Wed 18th Jan 2012 – Sorry

Mistress has told me to apologise to everyone that follows her Blog…and herself for my lazy ways.

I should have updated this Blog with pictures of Mistress and Mike when they met prior to Christmas along with the ‘text’ detail that Mistress has written.  I am sorry everyone for not doing this.

Mistress has asked me to ask you all how I should be punished.

I also have to apologise publicly to Mistress and Vicky for the night out they had prior to Christmas.  As an entry on this Blog suggested I collected Mistress and Vicky from their night out in Preston.  It was 4am in the morning and I had not had much sleep for a number of nights.  I was grumpy and in a mood that embarrassed Mistress….Mistress clearly tells all her close friends that ”I (Mistress) can do what I want…”  but I gave the impression that Mistress was ‘in trouble’ with me due to my mood.  Whilst Mistress did ensure she took the higher ground…I did in the mind of my Mistress, undermine her position…or try to undermine her position.  I apologise for this and for the lateness in posting this public apology to Mistress, Vicky and all of Mistresses followers.

Again, I expect a punishment and Mistress has told me to open the discussion about what my punishment should be.  You can post replies under this entry.

Thank you everyone…and I am very sorry. I beg your forgiveness.

I will update with the Mistress and Mike post (with pics) before the end of this week.

Apologies to all.

9 Responses to Wed 18th Jan 2012 – Sorry

  1. stuart says:

    wow how dare you act in such a manner! you must learn your place, you should never forget that your wonderful Superior Mistress should always come first (no pun intended) and be at the forefront of your thoughts no matter how grumpy you are or how hard your vanilla day has been! you know how lucky you are, and that any submissive man out there would love to swap places with you, so what ever punishment your wonderful Mistress decides for you, you should accept with glorified thanks. anyway getting onto that punishment, i feel your Mistress should increase her stable of male slaves, thus holding interviews, were us male slaves come crawling in naked (CV in mouth) and all duly vying to be collared & chastised by her wondeful-self. you would of course be hard worked answering doors, making drinks etc etc ;0)

    • I was foolish and misguided by my own selfish behaviour. Miss may do as she pleases and I need to try harder. I am under no illusion as to how lucky I am and I know Miss has every entitlement to see whomever she wants, when she wants and as often as she wants… Including as many men/slaves as she desires.

  2. mikechester says:

    Well Paula I am shocked SHOCKED! to have just read this, how dare you treat our Lady in such a manner you deserve to have Mistress give you a good kick in the balls then have your nutsack nailed to a wooden plank and a butt plug coated with “Deep Heat” rammed up your slutty arse.

    How could you ever dream of being such a twat especially in front Vicky (or anyone else for that matter) – I only hope Mistress keeps you locked up and only lets you out when your hands are tied behind your back so that She can edge you daily then lock you up again and after 6 months let you have a ruined orgasm before another 6 months of denial.

    you have so much to make up for slut……………….

    Miss Sarah your “Wife’s” devoted collard slut slave mike 🙂

  3. Beatbot says:

    May I just add that I think Paul’s idea of 60 stokes of the cane is a suitable punishment too.
    Maybe 30 from Mistress and then a further 30 from Mike, just to stamp his authority over you sissy paula.
    A video of the punishment Mistress administers would also be good viewing I am sure.

  4. paul says:

    Sorry isnt really good enough but im sure Mistress has told you that,i was thinking 60 strokes of the cane but,then, why not add 60 days of denial instead, this might keep you attentive enough to keep posting, add this to performing clean up every time a Bull fucks your Mistress,you, may remember your duties to keep us all informed of what you are lucky enough to enjoy

    • Paula says:

      I feel sure Miss will update you all on her decision. I am truly sorry and will try harder to please Miss and all of her loyal followers/supporters. I did not mean to disrespect any of you.

  5. Beatbot says:

    You have been a very silly girl Paula and how Mistress has put up with these misdemeanours I will never know.
    Castration springs to mind!
    I think permanent chastity would help keep you inline.
    Maybe a PA piercing and a Guiche piercing padlocked together would be the route.
    Then you should sell your arse to raise enough money for your Mistress to have a nice break with Mike knowing that you are locked up safe and secure.

    • I think castration is a wee bit harsh but I understand your feelings. I already have a PA so another piercing would not be an issue to me…but time would be the issue…as in the piercing, healing and then stretching the piercing to accomodate a suitable padlock. My PA5000 does work well to be fair. I guess its all about what Miss wants. As for me selling myself for a weekend break – I have been rented out frequently and would be honoured to serve my Mistress and her lover(s) this way…it would be my duty. I know she will be pleased with your contribution…so thanks for that.

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