Fri 16th Dec – Better Late than Never

Well after my severe telling off I (Paula) have now got to the point of posting this for Mistress….better late than never…anyway…in her words…

We arrived at the hotel…very cold with ice on the ground.  I wore my PVC and lace dress under my coat with stockings, suspenders and a lovely pair of high heeled patent shoes.  Paula helped me not to slip on the ice.  I noticed the glances at me from the men smoking outside prior to their Christmas celebrations.  The hotel was busy…clearly with work ‘dos’.

I have ordered Mike to be waiting in the room, naked and on all fours.  He was told to get me a drink sorted prior to my arrival.

When we arrived he was in position, naked and with a semi hard cock.  I ordered Paula to get dressed (femme) whilst I stayed and chatted to my slave lover.  I decided to let Mike worship my feet and legs whilst Paula was getting ready.  I love the attention and its only what I deserve.  After some time I told Mike to present himself at my pussy and to sniff the aroma of my sex.  No touching and definately no licking.  I was sure to let Paula know what was going on…if she wanted to watch she had better hurry up and get dressed…!  By which time I allowed Mike to savour the taste of my cunt.

Paula eventually showed her girly face…complete slut in PVC skirt, top, blonde wig, good makeup (my training), stockings, suspenders and lovely Mary Jane shoes which were new…at my request.

Mike by this time was lovingly licking and kissing my beautiful pussy.  I was creaming nicely.  God I love it.  That lovely feeling between my legs drives me to dominate men like this and makes me feel like nothing else matters but me and my superiority over pathetic men.

To this end I ordered Mike to fuck me and for Paula to watch and film…

Cucking Paula
Cucking Paula…again

Whilst Paula is my husband I do so love to see the pain in her eyes as I fuck another man…god it makes me cream to be unfaithful in front of her…and she is pathetic enough to let it happen.  Pics like this just help me rub it in afterwards too…

Look Closely Paula

Look Closely Paula

Mike was really gloating over Paula as he shot his cum into me and I got great pleasure in looking right into Paulas eyes and shouting ‘ooooh yeh’ as I came on Mikes cock.

But that was not the end…!  Mike was so in his smug element I thought it time for payback…!  I ordered Mike to suck Paula off….and did he…..Poor old Mike had to take Paulas load in his mouth…

Hero to zero

Hero to zero

7 Responses to Fri 16th Dec – Better Late than Never

  1. If they are not already dripping on the floor, they certainly will be after that!
    Plus, the scent will stay there for hours, and keep their dicks hard!
    I love it!
    Tease those balls, and tease those dicks…there’s nothing better!

  2. They will do ANYTHING just to have a peek at it with their eyes, or a sniff of it with their noses. It is delightful what amazing pussy control we have over them! Makes my nipples hard just to think about it!

  3. What a delicious story! They certainly will do anything we want, won’t they?
    Sometimes it is fun to let them only sniff us, as we finger ourselves to climax, and never let them touch it or lick it. Better yet, blindfold them, so all they can do is smell the power and aroma of our pussy power! Bravo!

  4. breakme23 says:

    love it Miss Cuckween!
    very jealous but glad you had a good time

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