I am PATHETIC – 12th March 2012

Mistress has told me to post and advise you all of how pathetic I am by expressing to everyone of the disgusting creature I am.  This is why she seeks other men to fuck, as I am revolting.

I have done many disgusting things in the name of loving my Mistress.  I dress as a slutty whore, I drink piss, I eat shit, I go into the toilet bowl and pick out Mistresses waste to either play with or eat at her discretion.  I have made sandwiches with her waste and have had her waste in my meals.  I have been used directly as a toilet.  I have been pimped out to men in order to dominate them and been paid for my efforts….advertised in Loot and The Daily Sport regularly.

I am a disgrace to men…proper men at least.

I suck cock for Mistresses amusement and prepare her lovers by getting them hard.  I lick and drink spunk.  I have been used as a urinal my Mistresses men. I have fucked and been fucked by men.

I am rewarded by Mistress by being caned and whipped or by tasking for her in all sorts of ways.  Mistress is oh so kind to me by cuckolding me and going out with her friends to find men.  I know I am PATHETIC by being this way…but I enjoy it.

I do these things and more in the name of the deep love I have for Mistress.  I am a very lucky slut to be treated so very well by Mistress.

I deserve to be put into chastity for extreme periods whilst Miss is pleasured by her men. This is her right and I should thank her for being so very lenient with me for brief chastity periods of only a week or two.

I owe so very much to Miss Cuckween and I really should not complain or moan about the lovely way she treats me.  I know Miss can discard me for anyone else.

Thank you Mistress for letting me humiliate myself on your Blog.

Forever yours,

Paula x

6 Responses to I am PATHETIC – 12th March 2012

  1. mikechester says:

    Yes Paula you are a pathetic sissy wimp but a really great cucky icon for those who know their rightful place 🙂

    Mistress Sarah’s devoted collard slut slave whore mike 🙂

  2. susansub says:

    no female would be interested!
    surely you are not implying our MISTRESS is not one hundred per cent feminine.
    specsavers for me.

  3. Beatbot says:

    You are such a pathetic piece of shit Paula and I can now see why your Mistress treats you as she does. You deserve nothing more and think that whoring you out as has happened in the passed is far to good for you! I think you should offer a service as a slave/whore to men so that you get seriously used and abused without any limites imposed. Maybe even by a group of seriously filthy males so that you return well and truly used and abused.
    After all no female would be interested in a shit eating, piss drinking, cock sucking, spunk bucket pig that you are!

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