Chastity Ramblings – 14th March 2012

I find myself feeling a new sense of dominance from Mistress, if that is at all possible!  Miss seems to ooze dominance and aire a very smug expression at the moment.  Its like something is going to happen that I am not aware of.

I have tasks incomplete but I am unable to complete them for reasons that are beyond my control.  Mistress knows this and is usually sympathetic (to a degree) so I wonder if it is those that I may now receive punishment for.  Other tasks are within my grasp in terms of action and deadline so those will be completed.  I also do more than asked to please her.  Well to try and please her.  I will never give up in my quest to receive some reward or recognition for a job/task well done.  Just something, just a sign of some kind that she is pleased with what I have done is all I really would be grateful for.

This Friday I was meant to be sucking cock for Mistress and earning some money for her but Martine my slave has let me down this week.  He is the chap that deposited a rather copious amount of cum on my face (the pic for which is somewhere on this site/Mistresses Blog..!)

I am hoping Mistress goes out or sees one of her men soon as she deserves it and has been working very hard recently.  The pain and ecstasy of her exploits make me a very lucky girl.  I am in chastity at the moment and I can feel the tension each day.  The need to serve and need to have release already.  Mistress becomes more and more sexy and I am sure is ‘playing up’ her sultry behaviour to tease and torment me further.

Mistress has had me read to her each night this week (something that I/we do often).  The subject matter is FemDom and more often than not Cuckold stories that drive me wild with need for her and for her to exploit me and use me….humiliate me.  (Amazon have a good library if you care to search).  I’m afraid I need this kind of treatment and cannot help myself from being so weak and yes pathetic.  I cannot help it and cried like a baby when Mistress carried out her ‘Domination thru No Domination’ exercise.  I hope and plead that some of you reading my words understand that?

To be in chastity as your Mistress rubs herself up against you and clearly finding the story you are reading to her stimulating is pretty difficult to bear…but bear it I must.  As the words ‘enough slut…time for bed’ hit my ears its pretty hard to take when your Mistress kisses you  fondly and erotically and tells you to hold her whilst you sleep is hard to bear.  Whilst this is important to both of us she knows this is like torture for me.

Just one last item from me before I finish my ‘rambling’.  Miss and I went out with some friends on Sat 10th March and ended up at a pub after our meal.  Mistress made it very clear to several people in front of me about how much she really did like and fancy the owner of the pub.  Can you imagine the shame I felt?  Mistress wants to go back this coming weekend.  She already has a car sales chap on the boil at the moment too.  Have I bitten off more than I can chew…I love being who and what I am…but the anxiety and shame can be intense.

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  1. mikechester says:

    LoL Paula you pathetic sissy wimp ……….I know you love it the way our Mistress treats you and so you should because Her word is Law and Her pleasure is ours to deliver.

    Mistress Sarah’s devoted collard slut slave whore mike 🙂

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