Things are changing – 18th March 2012

Mistress let me out of chastity last night for work and tasks well done. I was so happy but more for being praised and through pleasing her than due to being out of chastity. I can hear the muffled cries of ‘bullshit’ but I assure you that’s the truth.

Mind you I knew it was not that simple…Mistress proceeded to tell me how things were going to ‘step up’ from where things were today.  Mistress will be adding to her Blog to advise you all.  You may well find those local to us will enjoy the outcome.

In turn I had the honour of worshipping between my wonderful Mistresses legs.  Miss can be very vocal during these times and encouraging the slave with filthy talk and language.  Not last night.  My bubble was burst as Mistress was particularly scathing as she said ‘just get on with pleasuring me Paula and stay silent as I will be fantasising about anyone but you giving me everything I need.’.

I tried to speak to Miss but all I received was a very hard slap across the face.  She just said ‘get the fuck on with it slut. The only time you stop worshipping my pussy is when I need you to be my ashtray.’

Needless to say Miss had an amazing orgasm to which end I had no idea what thoughts will have made it so very strong.  By the wetness on my face it was clear she loved the pictures in her minds eye.

All she said as she kicked me away was ‘oh yes, I think we shall definitely arranging that Paula…now go and wank in the corner, clean yourself up and then come and hold your Mistress.’

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  1. mikechester says:

    O yes Paula Mistress has you right where She wants you and that is where you belong 🙂

    Mistress Sarah’s devoted collard slut slave whore mike 🙂

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