MISS CUCKNEWS – 23rd Feb 2015

CUCKOLD SITES:  I was meant to be interviewing this afternoon but after a candidate failed to turn up I have been able to keep an eye on my blog but also have a look around the net for similar sites.

What I have found is the amount of ‘made up’ sites in terms of their content.  A lot are feeder sites for porn sites rather than the real deal in terms of cuckolding.  I clicked on a few sites that had clips and they are acted out scenes between actors with a pre-written script.  How disappointing!  I was hoping to see fellow hotwives and cuckoldresses working their craft.

Paula has told me of this sort of thing and that it exists in abundance.  She after all has to resort to porn and the internet as I gain my pleasure from proper men!!!! 😉

For anyone reading this site.  Be sure that it is for real.  Nothing is made up and should there be periods of silence its for real life reasons as in work, kids or me not being in the mood.  So whilst some folks may get pissed off with any ‘silence’ from this blog at least you know that when something does happen it is for real.

All I say is shame on a lot of those other sites…..but then again they have a porn business to run so fair enough I suppose.

Miss Cuckween x


THIS ITEM HAS A DEADLINE OF:  Fri 30th March 2012.

This is a genuine and sincere opportunity for those keen on serving a genuine lifestyle Mistress who leads a genuine FemDom relationship.

I have placed this ‘ad’ here to find out how much effort ‘you’ will go to serve me.  Placing specifics like my details below in the main body of a site profile will only attract quantity rather than quality applications.  So the fact that you have made it this far is a good sign.

Failure to follow instructions below precisely (even to not using the correct title for your e-mail) will get discarded.

I have decided to intensify my search for the right men to serve me from a cuck perspective.  This is what I seek…

  1. Local submissive men based in the northwest region of the UK.  I may consider those farther afield but you will need to be special.
  2. You should be over the age of 30
  3. You should be available for week day or weekend meets…potentially at short notice on occasions.
  4. Sub Tv/Cd men are welcome
  5. Focus for me is ongoing servitude not one off.
  6. You should have bi experience or be bi – oral both ways as a minimum
  7. All need to understand that this is about me and you serving me as I wish
  8. I am not bothered if you are single or married but I take no responsibility for married men that get caught.  My conscience will be clear.
  9. I am clear on who I am and my own relationship with my hubby whore so you will not be in my presence to replace Paula.

I intend to have 2 or 3 Friday evenings (dates TBA) that will be an opportunity for men to serve me for the evening.  If you impress then you could be one of 2 or 3 men that will then become my slave lovers.  You will need to understand that Paula, my slut husband will be involved in the auditions and will be in our presence in the future as I decide.

Those that I already engage with…you know who you are…are still part of my stable even if you have met Paula but not met me yet.  You will continue to be part of my life if you wish.  However, you still need to re-register your interest or I will dismiss you.  So if you want ‘out’ then now is your chance.

Auditions will take place at a local hotel and you will need to make a contribution to the cost.  Minimal as it will be split several ways all being well.

You will need to bring your Mistress a gift.

If you wish to apply then you need to send my husband, Paula, an e-mail with photos (face, naked full length and cock) to tvmistresspaula@yahoo.com by Fri 30th March latest.  (S)he will reply to let you know your application has been received.  You should place in the title of your e-mail CUCKNEWS APP.  Decisions will be made shortly afterwards and you will be advised one way or the other.

Any questions may be sent to Paula at the above e-mail address with title CUCKQUESTION.  All questions will be answered openly and honestly.

This is a genuine and sincere opportunity for those keen on serving a genuine lifestyle Mistress who leads a genuine FemDom relationship.

Failure to follow instructions above (even to not using the correct title for your e-mail) will get discarded.

Good luck.

Miss Cuckween.

6 Responses to MISS CUCKNEWS – 23rd Feb 2015

  1. sissyboicuckwannbe says:

    i only just found this site, i am so gutted i have missed this deadline, i would be honoured to be considered for this postition

  2. Sue says:

    Hi Mistress and Sub Paula, I have been in contact with Paula.
    Iam not following orders and sending my photos to your email address.
    Everything crossed.

    Sub Sue of Fab xxx

  3. Hentai-sub says:

    I have sent an email to Paula…just waiting for a reply with fingers crossed

  4. mikechester says:

    Oh Mistress, this is absolutely fantastic it will be just so wonderful to serve alongside other collard slaves worshipping, adoring and amusing You to the very best of our ability 🙂

    Most Humbly Your devoted collard slut slave whore
    mike XXX

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