This Week – 21st March 2012

Well yesterday I went into Bolton to my usual place to have my PA piercing stretched.  I think that was worse that then I had the piercing done.  Only a wee bit of pain but it hurt like hell for an instant.  Mistress wishes me to have a larger ring (when not in chastity) and a bigger ring at the end of the PA5000.  I duly obliged of course….anything for Mistress.

Paula on Fri 16th March 2012

Mistress is going out on Satruday night with Vicky and I have to say I am both very excited and somewhat apprehensive.  I know what is likely to happen once again and I crave the pleasure that Mistress bestows upon me by cuckolding me.  I see a change in her as the week goes on.  She becomes more and more smug and scathing of me as the week goes on.  Its like she is rubbing my nose in the fact that she is to be ‘unfaithful’ right under my nose once again.  She has asked me to polish her ankle chain in preparation for the visible sign to men that she is ‘available’. 

For those that don’t know dominant women, hotwives, cuckoldresses…wear an ankle chain on their right foot to indicate they are ‘available’ to men.  This of course may not be the case for some women (they may just like ankle jewellery and just happen to wear it on their right foot) but in the case of Miss Cuckween…she is very much available to men.  I love this and hate it….but I cannot help but love Mistress for allowing me to be her slave…and this is what she wants to do.







2 Responses to This Week – 21st March 2012

  1. hentai-sub says:

    what would You prefer. Her to be unhappy and not cuckold you or be happy by tormenting You through cuckolding?

    No brainer i bet?

  2. mikechester says:

    I so hope you have made a good job of polishing Mistress’s ankle (cock magnet) chain LoL 🙂

    Mistress Sarah’s devoted collard slut slave whore mike

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