Paula 2015

Paula 2015

Paula 2015

Paula 2015

I have decided to add a gallery to this version my Blog.  I know how you all love decent wank fodder as much as I love to produce it!

Mistress takes over

Mistress takes over

Special treat

Special treat

Better view?

Better view?

More cocksucking for Paula

More cocksucking for Paula

13th Dec7w

Relaxing Smoke

Relaxing Smoke

Mistress Smokes

Mistress Smokes

I don't need you Paula...lucky you watching

I don’t need you Paula…lucky you watching

Just how I like it

Just how I like it

Mistress Commands

Mistress Commands All

Fucking Jenny

Paula is a naughty girl

Common slut…for use

Advert of Paula in Loot….advertised like the common whore she is…!!!

19 Responses to Gallery

  1. cuckfan says:

    It would be great to see more Pics.

    I must say, the relaxing/smoking pic is amazing (-:

    Mistress looks trully delicious in it!

  2. cuckfan says:

    The 1st smoking pic. The ‘relaxing’ part must be a joke, it’s impossible to look that good while just relaxing!

  3. steeplchaser says:

    Smoking photo’s of mistress smoking are excellant. Is one of them Mistress smoking a cigar.

  4. steeplchaser says:

    The smoking photo’s are excellant Mistress. Is one photo a cigar.

  5. stillettolover says:

    Amazing new photos Mistress, Thank you for allowing your worthless sluts’ to view these. We are very lucky and greatly appreciate this site and your regular update Mistress.

    Thank you again

  6. marcie_tart says:

    oooh…that looks like fun!

  7. stillettolover says:

    we all love the pictures you post Mistress

  8. femtoyslut says:

    ohhhh my!!!! what a lovely gaggle of randy old sluts you have to play with Mistress!

  9. bigbadtim99 says:

    I felt a warm stir in my loins when i look at these pictures!

  10. culkoldman says:

    Just joined fantastic gallery, looking forward to meeting many new friends through this site.

  11. hentai-sub says:

    Your control of men radiates through the pictures. Ashtrya slave is absolutely correct in this i think.

  12. curiouslyanxious_uk says:

    I can’t help feeling the wonderful irony of your producing ‘wank fodder’ for an audience you’d enjoy denying the pleasure of orgasm.

  13. ashtrayslave says:

    I can feel your Dominence through your
    pictures Mistress


  14. Beatbot says:

    Love it, love it, love it. x

  15. paul says:

    hello love what i saee of your site i am a very genuine discrete and realistic man of 52 yeaers

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