Trip Out – Update 14th Nov 2012

Well I know you have all been keen to know about what has been going on with me as I have been quiet.  Mistress on the other hand has not been.  Things in our life have been busy to say the least but its all good.

Things for me.  Well I have been scolded for getting too close to someone albeit online and Mistress has banned me from certain activity online.  I apologise to Mistress and this person as it is all my fault.  I have been severely caned over some weeks now and I have been warned it is not over.  Chastity and general orgasm denial has been significant whilst Mistress enjoys lots of orgasms and general pleasure.  I am simply denied and teased.  Chores and tasking has been never ending resulting in the true meaning of ‘slave’ to all that may interpret it in differing ways.  There is no question of my place thats for sure no matter how you many ‘see’ slavery in your own mind.

I am reminded frequently about my place and position in my life and relationship with Mistress who is keen to take on more lovers and generally increase her superior standing in our relationship.  Her goal if business ventures go to plan are for me to be a full time slave which will involve three roles in one.  Firstly to work within her business, secondly to be a full time house maid and thirdly to be a working girl….if you get my drift.  All are achievable subject to how the next six months go.  This is a dream come true but also a potential nightmare as this is very much a ‘this is it’ moment in our lives.  Cuckolding is going to be key too…albeit not the only means of dominating me but clearly an important peice of things.

This week I have been told to take time off work.  No kids around and this allows Mistress to ‘spread her wings’ as she said to me.  I am to be dressed and taken out for a girly day or days out.  What this means I do not know.  Part of me is very excited and part of me scared shitless.

All I know is that we are at another turning point in our relationship and it is important I live up to Mistresses expectations.

She is cruel…yes.  I am pathetic and will do anything…yes.  I cannot help myself and Mistress smirks with more depth in her eyes than ever before as I hear those key words that she says so often to me….’…be careful for what you wish for, slut…’

I will update you on our time ‘out’ in the public eye and hope to have some pics too.

I hope this is a suitable diary entry for all of Miss Cuckweens followers.



7 Responses to Trip Out – Update 14th Nov 2012

  1. stillettolover says:

    Will look forward to hearing all about the trip Mistress, thank you both.

  2. stillettolover says:

    Sounds like it was a fun trip Mistress, was the waitress amused too maam??

    looks like you were enjoying Paula’s humiliation very much on a trip out.

  3. Beatbot says:

    Great to hear from you Paula. It has been a long time since your last posting on here and we all enjoy reading about your humiliation at the hands of your wonderful Mistress. Please keep us updated and don’t leave it so long this time.

  4. stillettolover says:

    Thank you for updating the diary Paula, looking forward to the next update and reading how the trip went.
    Hope you have fun Mistress, I am sure you will. Its nice that paula has found time to update the page, thank you Mistress for allowing her to keep us all updated with her cuckolding and the amusment it brings for yourself.

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