Mistress Commands

Mistress Commands

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I am The Mistress Wants but some also know me as Miss Cuckween.  I am a lifestyle Mistress of some 14 years and have a slave, whore and slut of a husband.

I will be sharing the past experiences I have had, tell you about the present and collaborate with you about the future as I see fit.  I prefer to confide in the here and now and welcome comments and input.

All I can tell you is that this is for real…and living the life in Female Supremicy is something that many women should take a good long hard look at and see it for what it is.  A wonderful and life enhancing experience that will make your man adore you and be beholden and in awe of you.

I look forward to sharing some special parts of my life with you and hope you both enjoy and join in with your own thoughts.


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  1. adrian says:

    I was born to live under a domineering hotwife. My mind is wired that way.

  2. MasterAl says:

    love to contact you, love this site, wonderful

  3. Paul is a Slut says:

    Thank You so much for reading and responding to my pathetic comments, Mistress..
    I am so grateful to have my inferiority confirmed by You!.


  4. paul is a slut says:

    Thank You for this wonderful blog, Mistress.

    I apologise on behalf of my feeble sex that You appear to have been let down recently.i would happily take punishment for that.

    Very grateful for this opportunity to pay tribute to You. Alas, I am in London and you appear to be in Lancashire (which I ran away from, aged 17). Then again, there are trains…

    …..Sorry my imagination is running away with me now!


  5. mikechester says:

    Dear Goddess Zoe,
    You are absolutely right we mere subby sluts were put on this earth to do one thing only and that is to obey and please Ladies as much as possible ………….. for once Owned, the only thing on our inferior minds must be

    “ not what can my Owner do to please me but what can i do to please and amuse my Owner”

    Miss Sarah’s devoted collard slut slave whore mike 🙂

  6. In addition to having them adore us, it is lovely to have them lick our asses and pussies, and expect nothing in return, and for long periods of time in between! Am I right?
    Bravo on Your Blog!

  7. Beatbot says:

    May I just say that I really enjoy reading the postings on this site.
    It is so nice to read genuine life style articles from a truly happy couple.
    Please keep it up.
    Beatbot x

  8. Mike says:

    Well i can certainly vouch for You and Your lifestyle Mistress, You are a truly wonderfully very Superior Lady in every way.

    If only those poor misguided unbelieving sods knew how wrong they are and what they are missing out on ……………………such a shame lol 🙂

    Most Humbly Your devoted collard slut
    mike x

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