Paula’s Diary

This is Paulas Diary (my husband)…so she can write her thoughts down on what has happened or indeed what is about to happen.  WE dear readers can collaborate together but the ‘Your Suggestions’ section is very sparce…so please do contribute.

Pic of Paula below.

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Paula 2015

Paula 2015

10 Responses to Paula’s Diary

  1. Memorex says:

    I am very submissive normally but reading about Paula makes me want get a good blow job from such a slut.

    • Bravo..! Thank you for your comment Memorex. Paula has been driven into deep levels of submission over the years. I am sure she would be delighted to pleasure you and in doing so please me. Thanks for your encouraging input.

      • Memorex says:

        Just had thought about using Paula to teach her to improve her cock sucking skills. I am not quite sure of details but the idea is for Paula to bring one of your slave to climax quickly as she can the faster she achieves that the less punishment she receives but conversely the more the slave receives so both loose and you get to watch the agony and the fact you can control the slave by either teasing to speed his climax or cause pain to delay it.

  2. Mike says:

    Oh yes Mistress this will make a fantastic blow by blow read lol 🙂

    Most Humbly Your devoted collard slut
    mike x

  3. phil says:

    please instruct Paula to contact me to beg for cocksucking.

  4. breakme23 says:

    When is Paula going to start her diary, we want to know all the slutty things Mistress Wants makes her do!

  5. thee apprentice says:

    yes, be good to read about your exploits from two different perspectives 🙂

  6. Curious says:

    You’ve a real slut on your hands there. Can’t even find a skirt that covers her stocking tops! Lipstick is a perfect shade for her, bet it looks great round a cock. Enjoy.

    • Paula has always been a slut. I am just interested to see how low she can go. As for cocksucking – she is a hungry and filthy. I am lining up a few old ‘clients’ of hers to see her week commencing 7th Nov so that will give he more opportunity to practice cock sucking and applying her lipstick properly. Thanks for your contribution.

  7. Curious says:

    Do it. Make it happen. Having Paula recount her experiences will allow her to develop further and and will add to her humiliation. Perhaps the odd picture would bring Paula’s world to reality and again intensify her humiliation. And one last thought, readers suggestions for Paula.

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