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Mistress Commands

Mistress Commands

I want subscribers to enjoy and be part of my life.  If you have subscribed you have enough interest in FemDom and cuckolding and so I am happy to listen and take you up on what you may suggest.  This section was indeed suggested by a subscriber…so I do listen.

I may choose to dismiss your suggestion though..!

50 Responses to Your Suggestions

  1. cuckfan says:

    A suggestion for Mistress, only problem is, I don’t know if Paula would love or hate this? (-:

  2. cuckfan says:


    I am unsure I should even ask this Q, but, should Paula be punished for not updating the site weekly with a blog. She write’s so well but we have only had 1 line from her since you asked her to do a weekly blog months ago )-:


  3. adrian says:

    hello Mistress,
    I’ve just found your site and just this minute registered. I hope you would accord me some of your time.
    Thank you

  4. cuckfan says:

    Fantastic site, I’m just thinking of ways that followers can contribute to your site other than the obvious post comments and replies to each of your updates.

    1. Have Paula do a weekly blog, it gives followers a reason to check on the site on a weekly basis as a minimum.

    2. Have a page where followers can leave links to good cuckold porn? As examples, 2 of my fav cuckold clips;

    Hope you like my suggestion and everyone enjoys the clips.

  5. OllyDeepJoy says:

    Hi Miss,
    I hope you are well.
    May I come to you and suck on your cunt?



  6. cuckfan says:


    Just a suggestion from a fan.

    You have two subs, giving each a chance to fuck you, multiple turns each without cumming. They have to take it in turns to clean up for the next sub or for their next fuck.

    i.e sub 1 fucks then you order him to clean you for sub 2. sub 2 fucks then he has to clean you for sub 1.

    sub 1 fucks, then sub 2 has to clean you before he fucks. I would love to see the pics!

    Lastly, for some extra spice, encouragement for the sub who fucks you best, humiliation for the other…………

    An amazingly hot scenario for me.


  7. Beatbot says:


    Why am I unable to leave my comments under your various posts as before?
    Is it just me being a thick slut!!
    Beatbot x

  8. Beatbot says:

    It sounds as if you are going to be busy with your cleaning duties.
    Just ensure you get your head right down that toilet pan slut and clean well under the rim or there will be trouble. lol Trust me I know from previous experience!!
    A previous Mistress of mine had me strapped into her toilet box for the duration of a gathering for her guests both male and female to use, as she said that I had not cleaned the toilet properly with my gag toilet brush and that it was not clean enough for her guests to use!!
    The hardest part was having a face full of wet toilet paper!!!
    A quite humiliating experience, when at the end of the evening I was released by Mistress and brought through to be further humiliated by her guests and introduced as the toilet slave, still with the toilet paper present on my head!
    I did enjoy the experience though, being the filthy slut that I am.
    Enjoy the cleaning. x

    • Paula says:

      Many thanks for your note huni. I salute your servitude. Such a beautiful and filthy experience for you and such devine humiliation too! Yes, I will work hard and enjoy my new ‘toys’.

  9. Beatbot says:

    It is nice to hear from you after so long!
    I agree totally with your comments on input from your followers and hope that everyone can get more involved.
    That being said, you will also need to commit to feeding regular blogs on your lifestyle to keep your followers interested. I do not feel that one every now and again when you feel like it, is good enough, so hope your feed us on your activities on a weekly basis if not more frequently.
    I fully understand that you are a Cuck to your wife/Mistress and we are all very interested in all aspects of your lifestyle, so that should give you plenty to write about.
    This I feel with give us all a lot more interest and hope everyone else would agree.
    I am sure your Mistress would also agree, so get to it slut!
    Beatbot x

  10. stillettolover says:

    May I say at long last a post. We all like reading about how your stunning Mistress has humiliated and controlled you.
    Keep up regular posts of your daily boring life …….and also torments that Mistress inflicts on you.


  11. Beatbot says:

    Dear Mistress,
    I am so glad of your decision to keep the blog going for all us pathetic male slaves and females, for that matter, that would love to worship you.
    You can’t believe how much enjoyment is gained by myself and I would like to think all the other followers of the life style you lead with Paula. We are all very envious of your relationship. A lot of us can only dream of leading a Fem Dom relationship such as yours.
    I would also like to hope that more Mistresses join in on the topics and provide there valuable comments and views on the lifestyle that you lead.
    Well it is now down to your slut Paula to feed us with her blogs on her use and abuse, after which I am sure your followers will also start to contribute.
    Look forward to a great action packed 2014 and hope that all contribute on a regular basis to the various postings.
    Come on everyone lets all make the effort.
    Beatbot x

  12. Beatbot says:

    Dear Mistress,
    Please do not pull the blog.
    I understand that you may not have the time to post regularly but feel that your slut should have a lot more input and keep this community interested in her life style. There is quite clearly a good following to the site.
    I think it is very important that your filthy slut steps up to the mark and contributes a lot more on a regular basis about her lifestyle, as this will keep the community interested and I would like to think humiliate your slut too, if she is honest in her postings.
    You could then just browse her material at your leisure and add your comments where desired.
    Paula is at the end of the day your cuckold slave that should do as you wish when she is told, should she not. The community is interested in her activities as much as yours, but it would appear that you have been the one doing the work to keep the community active.
    Please consider my suggestions, rather than closing it down, as that would be such a shame having followed you both this far.
    Your faithful follower.
    ps. How are things progressing with the petrol station guy?

    • Thank you for your input Beatbot…you have certainly been a regular follower and contributor to this blog and I thank you for that.

      I have decided to keep the blog going and I have discussed matters with Paula at length about her involvement and upkeep of her ‘diary’. I feel sure you will receive suitable input from now on in after our ‘discussion’.

      As for PSG. We are still in contact (which Paula has not been fully aware of) although he is being pulled emotionally due to commitments to his girlfriend…which…at the end of the day is not my problem.

      I am sure we will meet throughout the year as his time allows but in the meantime there are lots of men to choose from. That said PSG is a hottie and I enjoy his company aswell as his body and cock…! x

  13. subdevotee says:

    Dear Mistress Cuckween,

    Just to say I am a regular visitor to this blog and absolutely love it! I am very Jealous of Paula. I would be completely devastated if you decided to remove it and I am sure that is the case with many other passive observers. I think it is time for all of us to turn into active participants. Come on sluts!
    Many thanks Mistress for bringing so much joy into our pathetic lives. I would love to serve You and Paula one day, whenever the opportunity arises.

  14. stillettolover says:

    Happy New Year Miss Cuckween,
    Thank you for another amazing year of being allowed into your life, I hope that 2014 continues in such a great way. very much looking forward to that pathetic slut paula updating her diary regularly with a daily update.
    Hope your well Mistress and having fun x

  15. Beatbot says:

    Dear Mistress Cuckween,

    Things seem to have gone very quite on here off late!!
    May I wish you and Paula a Very Happy New Year, full of lots more fun and filth that we all adore.


    • I think this is due to two things really. Paula’s thinking that mundane FemDom activity is of no interest to others and the low level of input by the community.

      Paula has been advised that my attitude towards her will be reflected in the level of enthusiasm for maintaining input on this Blog.

      That said I do see her point about input and I may well decide to pull the complete Blog at some point. After all there is no point in maintaining something that is of no interest to the community.

      Miss Cuckween.x

  16. cuckfan says:

    Hey Miss Cuckween

    An absolutely amazing blog, thank you.

    Anyway, suggestions; – Blog is sooooo hot, I only wish there was moooorreee! Suggestion – Have Paula keep a daily journal. It doesnt need to erotic all the time but would give all your fans a reason to check in daily.

    Suggestion 2 – Nect date, champagne for You and luva, your champagne for Paula. Very nice pre play drinks and oh the humiliation of it.



    • Thanks for your input Craig. There has been lot of feedback about Paulas diary section/journal and this is something I will address in the New Year. I think Paula thinks that you followers of mine are only interested in her sexual degradation!!! This is clearly not the case.

      Also, for your information the little slut is well acustomed to my waste and she is lucky to be given it at all.

      Miss Cuckween.x.

      • cuckfan says:

        Hi Miss Cuckween

        I can see that and totally agree, however, I cannot remember her having the opportunity to partake in Your pee in front of others.

        Apologies if i am wring Ma’am.

        And finally, thank you for your response. If it pleases You, i did get a semi reading it (-:


  17. MsS says:

    Good afternoon Mistress,

    May I pick your brains with a conundrum that I am faced with at the moment? I would also invite comments from your faithful followers (and would be subs) as to how my situation can be resolved in a satisfactory manner.

    I am in e-contact with a particularly subTV slut who is owned, controlled and totally dominated by her beautiful and very devious Mistress. I have ordered the slut to do a specific task for me. her Mistress has forbidden her to complete this task. she says she does not want to disappoint either her Mistress or her e-Mistress, but I suspect that this is an impossible situation for her. What do you advise me to do? Insist that the slut carries out my orders, or should I concede to her actual Mistress’s demands that my task be ignored. I should inform all readers that I am very fond of the slut’s Mistress, and that the slut has a (very!!) small part in my affections also. I look forward to any and all suggestions. Thank you Mistress for your time.

    Ms S XXxxXX

  18. justkeith says:

    Miss Cuckween

    am new to this choice of lifestyle and am interested in been trained, although i have had experience of my bi side i find serving a strong willed lady a big turn on. even more after on my 30th birthday finding the lady i was with at the time and placed a large toy deep in my ass, now 35 still looking to be trained and very much feeling that my ship has sailed.

    only concern is that reading through your recent blogs you are looking for semi trained or more developed submissive males. if so am sorry to waste your time with this posting. But i have to say am interred by you candler and would like to experience you control.

    give the chance

    Just Keith

  19. Hentai_sub says:

    Dear Miss Cuckween,

    may i humbly suggest that if You allow a sub to worship Your wonderful pussy as part of Paula’s cuckolding an idea may be to allow that sub to masturbate into a condom.

    Will the condom be emptied in the subs mouth or Miss Paula’s?

    eeny meenie miney moh……

    Humble regards,


    • I think it important that Paula does any cleaning up. This can be done from a condom, direct from the cock or perhaps I could keep the condom and empty it into one of Paula’s meals! An alternative could be to empty it into a dog bowl for the slut to lap up. The limits are only ‘ones’ imagination!!!

  20. susansub says:


    i suggest paula find a nice pair panties to wear not the usual sexy ones but damart style the type her granny wears full bodied but supportive.

    and then lets us see her in new photos
    how sexy would she look then

    and when in a few weeks time MISTRESS you take her to the woods where she can gather loads of nettles one two three days supply and when you choose

    she sticks them her new sexy knickers and off course nearly forgot

    for extra fun you give her a treat you rub her private bits

  21. says:

    may i suggest that your thread
    to dominate by not dominateing is appropriate
    the more silent you are the desparate we become to know you are succeeding in your quest and in turn sink slowly into submission . the less we know the more we want
    even though in reality we are of no interest to you

  22. Beatbot says:

    I think Paula should update her diary on a more frequent basis, so that we can all share in her daily life activities.

  23. pisspot says:

    This is not so much a suggestion as an aspiration which is to be on my knees licking your beautiful arsehole clean before you take a shower.
    Your failed urinal pisspot

  24. dennis says:

    Mistress Cuckween
    I am a most avid admirer of your`s and wish there were more women around of a similar disposition, and from what I can see of you are a very gorgeous and delightfully sexy lady. What I`d like to ask is there any chance of purchasing some of your wonderful gravey, your own special recipe, how I would love to pour some of it over my food it would be the best thing ever.
    Your feeble admirer dennis

    • I’m sure that I can organise this for you slut. Drop Paula line on to set up payment and see if this can be organised for you. I don’t get involved in admin stuff like that. Paula will let me know when I need to produce some fresh nectare to add to the gravy granules or would you prefer raw nectare in order for you to use as you wish? Let me know.

      • dennis says:

        Thank you Mistress that would be wonderful, I think raw would be best then I can have a glass of your nectare with my breakfast and save some for my supper. I`ll get in touch with Paula, thank you again.
        slut denise

  25. Britney says:

    I am envious of Paula, I would enjoy a Master or Mistress to serve, I am a young crossdresser called Britney, based in Manchester, if anyone reading this would be interested in me please send me an email to (sorry…this is not a contact site Britney…Miss Cuckween)

    I look forward to reading more of Mistress and Paula’s adventures.

  26. wotsit1965 says:

    when i get to know more about yourself and paula it will be great to make suggestions and share our ideas with you, paula is a very lucky slut x

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