Whoring update

Well thanks for the support both public and private messages!  Well my first little slut arrived about 0930, very nervous and timid like a mouse entering a cage!  Khristine came in and got herself changed asking me if I could help tighten her corset.  After being very welcoming and accommodating I soon turned quite cool and abrupt.  Khristine was somewhat frightened.

The thing is here is that I am so submissive to Miss Cuckween it’s untrue but as I know the mind if a slave (being one of course) allows me to use that understanding and put it to good use.

As she was finishing off my long standing client Martine arrived…little sweety paid me and gave me my cigarettes, stripped off and waited on his hands and knees as I went to check on Khristine.  She looked very good in PVC long skirt, top with corset and knee length boots.  To top this up she was wearing a nice platinum blonde wig and tasteful makeup….she really should have been more tarty to be honest but we can work on that during the next visit.

Its so rewarding for me to take the monetary gift from my slaves knowing it will be passed to Miss Cuckween….it just makes me feel so warm inside especially as I know it will be used ‘against’ me in some manner.  That is for her to buy something nice to go out in to find a lover or just use to go out and ‘pull’. I am sure many of you will relate to my words here as being used by ones Mistress in this way is wonderful as well as humiliating.

So in came Khristine as I was having my ass worshiped by Martine…she was really getting his tongue into my asshole I can tell you!

As Khristine walked through the door I had set up a little table for her to do some ‘homework’.  I got her to sit down and write down all the disgusting things she liked or had been done to her or indeed things she wanted that were trapped in that filthy mind of hers!  I told her she had one minute to complete it and she scribbled frantically.  I then told Martine to play with her cock under her skirt (deliberately to put her off lol!).  I  could see the stress in her face.

Anyway, I called a stop to the writing and read her words. Fuck, all about how submissive she was…not what I asked for at all.  I screwed it up and threw it in our fire and told her how useless she was.  Fucking hell poor lamb was shaking lol.  I told her to start again and told her that if she was not submissive she would not have turned up to be dominated. I went on to say to her ‘its a bit like going into a cake shop and expecting find erm, cakes!  Of course I knew she was submissive so why write that shite as it was obvious.  Needless to say she wrote a load more stuff……..

So, that’s part one. Anyone want to know what went on next?  Do you quite like my domming style at all?

Just a note on this.  As you know I do this tvMistress work for Miss Cuckween but ironically I could never domme a woman…ever.  I do not regard myself as switch either…absolutely not.  This all started with Mistress telling me I had to work for her in order to earn money for her.  We talked about some blow jobs and hand jobs but then Mistress said to me that she had a better idea when she was looking at some pro domme websites and fell across a TV Mistress website.  Then she said ‘that’s it’ that’s what you can do…and that’s how I came to become a tvMistress.  I did a lot of work during 2009/10 but that has waned in recent years apart from when I see my regulars like Martine.

That is about to change in 2013. Mistress wants me to do a lot more work for her as a whore.  So, I will be advertising for work in LOOT and the Daily Sport (is that paper still going?) as I got a lot of work from those publications in years gone by.  It makes me feel used and cheap, seedy and dirty to be honest but to see the delight in my Mistress’s face is all the reward I need.

All I  can tell you is that all of ‘this’ makes me feel wonderful as a slut knowing I am pleasing Mistress.  Imagine this….Mistress making out with one of her lovers whilst I am in my workplace sucking cock as she fucks.  How delightfully humiliating!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this…let me know if you want more in part two of the story…!


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  1. stillettolover says:

    Great Day for you paula, looking forward to reading part 2. hope all is well for Mistress and yourself

  2. Beatbot says:


    At last an update to your diary!
    So glade to hear you are being put to work for your Mistress again slut. I do hope that you are able to work hard enough to keep your Mistress in the life style that she so deserves. I am also sure that you gain great pleasure from the subs that visit you, even if you know in your mind that you are doing so for your Mistress. You know you are used, cheap and dirty whore and you love every minute of what you do slut, so just admit it!!
    So looking forward to reading part two and just hope you don’t keep your admirers waiting to long.

  3. gwalton says:


    You are so fortunate to be able to serve your Mistress in this manner. It is wonderful that your whoring provides her with some additional money to enjoy. I greatly enjoyed reading this Diary update and I would love to see you post part 2.

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