Whoring Update – Part 2

So were was I…..mmmm….yes Khristine writing out her disgusting thoughts for me and Martine playing with her cock under the table whilst I was filming.

As for the filming…I am having some tech issues but there will be some in time.  I will add them but please be patient.

Well I called the two sluts over to me.  I sniffed a big load of poppers and let the wave of sexy feelings and disgusting thoughts rush through me.  I found the urge to play with both of these lovely cocks as they played with my cock and balls.  Martine wanted to get intimate and I teased her by simulating kissing the slut. ..but kiss we did…in the end.  Martine likes the intimacy thats for sure….nearly eating me.  Khristine was nervouse so I kept telling her that she was a sweat little girl and that I would look after her.  She was rock hard as she kissed me.

I can tell you…I love to feel  and be a complete slut like that.  I just wished Mistress was there to see what a good and slutty girl I was for her.  That is so very important for me to know I am pleasing her.

I soon had each of the sluts sucking each other and to hear the slurping and gobbling was quite something.  Very erotic thats for sure.  I eventually got Khristine to stand up and I made comment to Martine about what a lovely arse she had and what did she think.  ‘Oh I think shes got a lovely ass Mistress Paula’ came the reply.  So I said…’well you’d better get your tongue up there handn’t you slut?’  Martines face was a picture.  Shes had her face and tongue in my ass many times but not the ass of a stranger.  Don’t know about you but theres something disgustingly perverted and well….special about that.  Anyway they seemed to enjoy that whilst I enjoyed sniffing poppers and having a smoke.

After a while I got Khristine to return the compliment so I had her lie on the floor and Martine straddled her face with her head facing Khristines feet.  Khristine had a good lick but I could see she wanted cock.  I told Martine to get her cock in Khristines mouth and oh my!!!  At first gentle kisses and licks but then…..oh yeh…Martine was banging Khristines mouth….fuck that was horny to watch.  More poppers for me and soon I was down on Khristines cock and balls for a good feast.  After some time I could hear Martine gasping so I took a look.  Within second of me coming off Khristines cock Martine was sucking Khristine.  A classic 69 with two men gobbling each other.  Fucking great….god I know Mistress would have been proud of all three of us!!!

So….I guess thats a good place to stop for part two.  Part three to follow.

As for things since.  I have not cum for some time now.  I have forgotten how long.  I am desperate for Mistress to go out and have some male company and for her to cuckold me again very soon.  I need to feel that sick, jealous and excited feeling as she is out enjoying herself.  To not know what is going on….not being able to concentrate on anything but her and what she is doing.  Staring at my phone waiting for the torment to begin via text as she tells me about the attention she is getting and how hot she finds a guy.  Telling me that she may bring him home.  Listening to see if a second taxi door slams as she arrives home in the wee small hours….or…..if she asks me to pick her up – will she be stood there kissing the guy as I pull up.  Will they be kissing and getting it on in the back of the car as I drive them home.

Also, just to let you know that Mistress told me that she was at home yesterday and frigged her pussy several times as she watched some of the footage of Khristine, Martine and I.  She said how much she enjoyed watching it and went on to say that she wiped her soaking pussy on my pillow so I could smell her pussy juice as I slept last night.  How divine and what a lovely gift Mistress left for me.  I tell you I was in heaven prior to going to sleep but it was also tormenting as her scent was making me so turned on…but of course I am not allowed release.  Either way, I am extremely lucky.

I…..am a cuckold whore and I am proud to degrade and humiliate myself in the name of my Wife, Mistress and Cuckoldress…Miss Cuckween – The Mistress Wants.  Thank you Mistress for making my life so happy.

5 Responses to Whoring Update – Part 2

  1. Cibarboy says:

    Nice to know that both Mistress and yourself had that sexual ‘rush’ that we all need from time to time. She really does degrade you as She pleases.

  2. heelboyuk says:

    good fun had by all. I know exactly what you are talking about when describing your cuckold feelings. well put.

  3. stillettolover says:

    Thank you paula for the update, great reading. very much looking forward to the pictures now.
    Hope Mistress is well and by the sounds of it loved watching you back whoring.

    Thank you Mistress for allowing paula to share your humiliation of her xx

  4. gwalton says:

    Paula – you should embrace your chastity as a gift to your Mistress and just be satisfied that you are able to provide Her some pleasure as a result of your humiliation and frustration.

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