Sun 30th October 2011

First Entry – Sun 30th Oct:

Mistress has told me to start keeping a diary here.  I know many of her fans and followers have asked for this and she is a woman of her word.

I will make regular entries.

I took Mistress to a local-ish pub on Friday.  She was flirty and flighty and proceeded to tell several of the locals that I had my cock pierced and went outside throughout the evening for her customary ciggie.  Needless to say she was accompanied several times and I am not clear if anything happened or if various secrets of ours were told.

Mistress would not tell me what was said or what happened but just that I would ‘find out in all good time’.  My treat when getting home was for Mistress to pop into the garden, take off her knickers, hitch up her denim skirt and piss.  My treat was to get on my hands and knees and lick piss off the paving stones.

An honour and pleasure.  I hope this is suitable for a first entry.

3 Responses to Sun 30th October 2011

  1. mikechester says:

    Have to say Paula you are such a role model for all sluts on how to behave for a Lady 🙂

  2. wotsit1965 says:

    not bad paula, only may be more interesting if you explained the taste of her piss, the effect it has upon you? wouldn`t you prefer to have her piss directly into your mouth, i would beg her to let me take it fresh from her glorious cunt!!! maybe you could update us daily with your thoughts and i read that somethings coming up early november, you lucky slut 😉 xxx

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