Fri 4th Nov 2011 – Pushed out? Sandwich…

I have seen the feedback from many slaves indicating that Mistress is going to make Mike my superior.  This is what she MAY want so I am happy for Mistress and respect her wishes.

Inside I guess I am nervous and am going to feel pushed out if I am honest.  Mistress has said she will see Mike on her own, go out with him and spend the whole night with him.  Miss Cuckween has also said to me that weekends away would not be out of the question if Mike impresses her.  The point is he has clearly already done so…so my importance in her life may be waning.  I feel physically sick about that. 

The thing is I feel emotional pain as she treats me this way but I adore her superiority and complete disregard for me.  I feel that the lower she takes me the more it will show how much I love her…and the more, I hope, that she will love me back.

Mistress has said she and Mike will be going out for a nice meal one evening.  I will be left in a cupboard, in chastity and left with a shit sandwich.  The thing is she does actually mean a sandwich made from shit.

My mind is realing with the prospect of her time with a man who may become my new Master…but I cannot remain focused on that for the thoughts of eating a sandwich made of Mistresses shit.

Overall, I am nontheless…honoured and lucky to be Miss Cuckweens hubby, slut whore.

6 Responses to Fri 4th Nov 2011 – Pushed out? Sandwich…

  1. mikechester says:

    What a wonderful meeting today with our Lady 🙂 She certainly has a few things planned for you you lucky slut but i am not allowed to let you know ……………… will find out when Mistress is ready 🙂

    Mistress Sarah looked very sexy in a brown shortish dress with brown tights and fuck me sexy black boots – i know they were tights because She allowed me to put my hand up Her dress and play with Her under the table 🙂

    Roll on Friday Mistress has some fun in store for All of us 🙂

    Mistress Sarah’s devoted collard slut mike 🙂

  2. mikechester says:

    i think the time may be getting nearer Paula, i am meeting our Lady tomorrow (12 Dec 11) for some fun while you are out at work and i have booked a room for Friday ….who knows Mistress may let you suck my cock after it has been inside Her 🙂

  3. wotsit1965 says:

    you are lucky to have her paula, no matter what she enforces upon you, i am working to become your very own slut one day so think of the things you can have me do under your Mistresses instructions 😉 xxx

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