Mon 7th Nov – Weekend snack

Well Mistress was true to her word about my sandwich.  I am disgusted and ashamed of myself but extremely pleased that I have done as she has ordered.  Mistress said this was a proctice run for when I cook a meal for Herself and Mike.  Take a look for yourself…

Beautiful Mistress Waste

Beautiful Mistress Waste

The sandwich…
 …and the meal…
I am indeed a very lucky cuck and slave…

4 Responses to Mon 7th Nov – Weekend snack

  1. Beatbot says:

    Just lovely pictures you lucky little slut.
    What more would you expect in the stable diet of a slave from her Mistress!
    A nice glass of Mistresses Amber Champagne would no doubt have washed it down nicely!

  2. mikechester says:

    Yes i can definitely confirm that Paula is a really very lucky slut 🙂

  3. wotsit1965 says:

    oh paula, you luck slut, that shows your true devotion to your Mistress, dont worry about mike, soon you may have your own slut to guide under THEIR instruction, oh to be in your shoes, or at least under them 😉 xxx

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