Thu 10th Nov – Whoring

This entry is as a result of Mistresses orders:

As Mistress has explained I have, for a number of years,  been pimped out as a tvMistress by her.  I was advertised in both the Daily Sport and Loot as a tvMistress offering relevant services by Mistress.  You may think what utter rubbish and fantasy but that is not the case – its is very much real.  I had a period of time when ‘proper’ work was slow and I did not have an urgent need to work.  As a result Mistress put me to work.  I have many tales that I could share, I can tell you…!  This work cheapened me futher and it was extremely ‘seedy’ and humiliating…so I have alot to thank Mistress for.  Its funny that in the name of serving that you do things that develop you as a man, slave, slut and whore for your Mistress.

Whilst this ‘work’ is not my main focus now I do work as Mistress desires me to.  I have some regular slaves that I meet with.  Martine is one such slaveboy.

Martine arrived, smelling as lovely as ever.  She was stripped, teased, tormented and was shown DVDs of Mistress and her sessions to add to the excitement in the room.  Martine was hard in no time and was worshiping my legs and ass.  I whispered in her ear ‘I bet you want to be my full time cocksucker…dont’t you slut’…..’yes Mistress’ came the reply.  I said ‘you can sit in the corner over there and I will march them in for you so they can fuck your face’.  Martine was keen to get my cock in her mouth and found my PA piercing quite a turn on.  She was working hard.

I was getting hungry to be a slut and do what Mistress likes me doing and that is sucking cocks for her.  She was upstairs working and really quite blase about her little whore downstairs getting it on with a slave.  ‘Its your duty’ she said ‘so get on with it’.

I licked and sucked Martines cock and balls…very nice too.   The action on screen was developing nicely and Martines breathing was getting more and more intense.  I said…’now where do you want to shoot your load slut?’ and Martine chose to shoot it in my face.  You lucky readers get to see when I post the pic over the weekend as Mistress wants all readers to see….and here you go…

Cumslut Paula

Needless to say I ran upstairs to show Mistress what a good slut I have been and show the thick spunk Martine had left on my face…mmmm.  Mistress called me a ‘dirty bitch’ and ushered me away to clean myself up….which I did.  I reapplied my lippy and then went downstairs to look after my slave.

 I enjoy being a whore and even more so when I clearly please my Mistress.  Mistress often says ‘how low will you go’ to me.  Well all I can say is ‘all the way’.  I’m not sure where ‘all the way’ is but I will got there for her…!

5 Responses to Thu 10th Nov – Whoring

  1. mikechester says:

    Lol Paula that cream is just so good for the skin – oh by the way Mistress wants to play with me tomorrow (Mon 12 Dec 11) am so looking forward to it 🙂

  2. chastysissy says:

    Really interesting background info on your relationship Paula. Did you see my suggestions to your Mistress on the home page re: her putting you in chastity and feeding you others cum regularly? Don’t worry if She does it, no need to thank me! x

    • Well I thank you for making comment as Mistress will be pleased. Mistress will do whats best for my development and if that means she takes up your suggestion then I am happy. So thank you for your suggestion chastysissy71 it is appreciated.

  3. wotsit1965 says:

    dirty slut, love it……….x

  4. wotsit1965 says:

    thats a fantastic place to be paula and im sure you will delve to much lower depths in the future, looking forward to the pic slut 🙂 x

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